While your time is money, your health is gold.

Have you ever found yourself missing dinner and eating late-night snacks? Have you ever worked deep in the early morning hours, had no sleep or sat in front of the laptop for 9 hours straight?

As an entrepreneur starting a venture from scratch, this happens frequently. You’ve likely got a to-do list of the length of your arm and few people to help you with it. 

It might tempt you to have this attitude and work until you see results. However, great things can come from prioritising your health – including better productivity.

Prioritising your health starts with taking small steps. These small, positive steps lead to healthy habits eventually.

Bad Health Habits Can Feel Like Gold

“Hustling” is commonplace among entrepreneurs. One of their attributes is working hard and staying in the ‘flow’ state, where getting work done feels like heaven. Working hard until you see results can be addictive. If the successes and money keep rolling in, unhealthy habits are easy to ignore.

But this routine of sleeping late, of not taking care of themselves leads to over-working. An intense routine negatively impacts your health early in your entrepreneurship journey. From lack of sleep to stress and anxiety, many signs can show you work too hard. Triggers such as these indicate that something must change in your life.  

Creating Good Habits Is Your Decision

Once you’ve decided something needs to change, you are the only person who can make them.

Have another coffee. Go to sleep. 

Which one will you choose?

It is easy to settle for stimulants, unhealthy food and more work to see more results from your venture. Short term, it might pay off – but your health might be the price you have to pay.

As an entrepreneur, you are well accustomed to making difficult decisions. Your work-life balance is one of those decisions.

Health Is Gold, and so Is Your Mindset

Entrepreneurs pride themselves on having a strong mindset.  Making yourself a priority to avoid burnout is part of having a growth mindset.

The feeling of having enough energy and grit, both physical and mental, is irreplaceable. 

If you want to change your current situation, shift your mindset to include your health and wellbeing goals. From there, your ability to develop is much more likely to occur. Think about your health in terms of goals since that wires your brain to set out to reach them.

How to Foster Good Health Habits?

Remember that developing habits doesn’t happen overnight. You can get discouraged and abandon your goals when you are too ambitious and expect immediate results. 

Adopt an incremental, step-by-step approach to your health. Listen to your body and its needs, and adapt your schedule and aims as needed. Below, we’ve identified a few steps to help you build good health habits. 

  • Start by figuring out the bad habits. Identify the things that are affecting your health, wellbeing, and performance. What is making you tired, lose shape, anxious or stressed?
  • Analyse these habits. Ask yourself questions to understand your bad habits better. When do I do this?  How do I fall into that habit? How do I feel when doing these things?
  • Change your mindset about this habit. Start with: The next time I am ________, I want to ________, because it will make me more productive, happy and healthy in the long run. This affirmation will motivate you to change your bad habit into a good one. 
  • Repeat the good habits regularly. Building habits is all about consistency and regularity. Doing a good thing once isn’t going to change your life. You have to keep doing it until it’s part of your routine and lifestyle. This step is probably the hardest and takes the most work, but it’s the most important one in your journey.
  • Value the process. It is vitally important to believe in your actions. When building these habits, always keep in mind your “why”. This makes it easier to keep working on your health and wellbeing.

While burning out and working all day might appear to be delivering results now, if you want to stay successful long-term, you have to remember health is gold. Why not start building good habits now? 

Your body and your mind will thank you.

About the author
Dilem Kaya

I am into tech and building businesses to shape the future. I co-founded Exponential Consulting, and I am a passionate Motivator.

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