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We have built a unique concept to teach you how to build a successful venture time and time again. What you will learn with the EWOR Membership will stay with you in all your future projects.

Customer Discovery - Empathy

The world’s top innovators will teach you the art of discovering true customer needs, may it be through clustering techniques, specific observation tools, or drill-down techniques. You will find these tools not only helpful to achieve product-market fit quickly, but also to constantly innovate and amend your product offerings.

Ideation - Lateral Thinking

Creativity follows different rules than analytical thinking. We will teach you how to systematically make use of your creativity, brainstorm ideas, synthesise them and derive powerful value propositions. 

Early Validation - Efficiency

Before you build a product around your value proposition, there are thousands of techniques and tricks to test the demand and market for your products. You will learn how to build websites, run micro-marketing campaigns and leverage analytics tools to validate your ideas quickly.

Prototyping - NoCode Philosophy

You’ll learn how to co-create ventures with your customers, and launch prototypes quickly. Especially for digital prototypes, we will provide you with an arsenal of no-code prototyping tools helping you to build products without writing any line of code. Especially ambitious individuals can take our courses on coding, too. 

Later Validation - Customer Centricity

Learn how to constantly improve your product, by thinking customer-centric and launching new features and product improvements fast. You will learn how to navigate and manage your team effectively and become an entrepreneurial leader.

Scale Up - Effectiveness

You will learn about term sheet negotiations with investors, investor networks, pitching, sales and leading growing ventures. As your organisation grows, you will have to focus on making few right decisions instead of making many mediocre decisions. We’ll teach you how.

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