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I am Daniel “Mr. Large Organisation” Marasch. I have led departments consisting of tens of thousands of people at Lidl International.

I am Daniel “Mr. Team Builder” Dippold. I created this course as the academic pendant to the virtual team building course!

Your Experts in this Course

Daniel M. has been member of the international board of Lidl (North and South Europe, USA) as well as CEO of Lidl Germany and Italy. Daniel oversaw a multi billion dollar budget at Lidl and managed teams on the ground as well as those consisting of top executives. He is furthermore chairman of the advisory board of Saggar – One Million Trees, Malta.

Daniel D. has grown the Kairos Society Europe into 120 full-time and part-time workers. He created teams for Unlimitix, EWOR, Emoti, NEWNOW and is skilled in staffing and managing big consulting projects quickly.

About this Course

This course was conceptualised to give you a broader picture on team dynamics, organisational structures, culture and values. Compared to ‘virtual team building’, this course is more academic and presents research on the aforementioned topics. After this course, you should be able to build a team, grow your team into a complex organisation, and manage the knowledge of this organisation in the best manner.

Your Main Challenge

Your main challenge is to conceptualise and execute on your team management plan. This should be able to answer the following questions (they will be put forward in more detail in the respective application tasks).

  • Will you need co-founders?
    • If so, how many?
    • If so, for what?
    • If so, where and how will you find them?
    • If so, how will you incentivise them?
    • If so, what will your framework for deciding on equity be?
    • If so, draft your first conditions of a vesting agreement. What form of vesting will you go for (e.g. time-based)? How long will the vesting period and the cliff be?
    • If not, why not?
  • How will you compose your teams?
    • How will you achieve diversity in your teams?
    • How will you attract diverse team members to your team?
    • Which mechanisms do you have in place to empathise with your team members?
  • How will you lead your team?
    • What are your processes and rules that cannot be altered?
    • What are your (weekly) interaction points with your team?
    • How do you create alignment?
    • How do you create psychological safety?