3 – Early Validation

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I am Alex “Mr. Design Thinking” Grots. I co-created this course as an adaption of my design thinking methods.

I am Daniel “Mr. Agile” Dippold. I co-created this course inspired by Eric Ries to promote lean thinking and validation techniques.

Your Experts for this Course

Alex Grots has been founding companies since decades. He is an active business angel and, most recently, the co-founder of ProGlove, an industrial engineering company that counts hundreds of employees and has raised over €50 million in capital.
He is the initiator of Impact Week, a non-profit program that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship in developing countries through design thinking.
Moreover, Alex has been the Managing Director of IDEO Europe. IDEO is the world’s most renowned design and product agency. The firm has invented the term ‘Design Thinking’ and has been responsible for e.g. designing the computer mouse.

Daniel had built three successful ventures before he turned 25. He’s convinced that his lean and agile methods of product and service validation were the key to achieving quick successes.

About the Course

This course is an integral part of the EWOR journey and is meant to equip you with lean validation techniques that ensure you have validated your idea before building your product. Prior to this course, you should have already synthesised a customer need and selected an idea that addresses it accordingly. While the first course was to validate the customer need itself, this course validates whether your idea is valid to address your customer need. Subsequently, you’ll have a chance to validate your prototypes in the following course: Prototyping. Before you even get to this step, try to get people to buy your product before you’ve even built it. The feedback you’ll get will be incredibly valuable.

Your Main Challenge

Your main challenge in this course is to validate your product idea before you even build it. Produce a website or any other kind of experience which will get your customers to reveal their interest in your product.