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The idea

Vicarious Learning

Back in 2010, Baron and Henry wrote a paper in which they differentiated between two types of entrepreneurial learning: 

Vicarious learning – the observation of others’ actions. For example, in entrepreneurship, you can learn through mere exposure to a large number of relevant and realistic stories of other entrepreneurs in similar circumstances.

Experiential learning –  the direct experience of learning through, well, making the experience yourself. 

Both of them sound fancy, but essentially the former is learning from others’ actions, while the latter is learning from one’s own actions. While the latter is always more powerful, one cannot have all the experiences necessary to know which behaviour is best. Thus, one should use vicarious learning to guide one’s own behaviour towards a certain direction or predefined action set. Only then should one begin to experiment.  

At EWOR, we have designed a ‘vicarious learning track’ together with experts in entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial practitioners. This course will help you to breath, think and act like an entrepreneur. Over the next months, you’ll listen to a podcast and founding story each week.

The idea is simple: Sign up and listen to one podcast a week. Our promise: You’ll be much more prepared to start and run your venture.

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