The importance of education for every person lies in its ability to support mental, social and economic development. In that sense, starting a business in education can be immensely rewarding. But where do you even begin in this vast field? To help get you started, this article discusses worthwhile educational business ideas.

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There are so many exciting areas to cover in online skills courses. For example, you can create courses that specialise in business and entrepreneurship like us at EWOR or something else such as, photography, personality development, music, gardening, cooking, beauty tips, language, and much more.

Some innovative ideas for digital skills courses that are currently trending are: 

1. Online Tutoring 

A profitable education business idea is to provide online tutoring services. Particularly because it doesn’t require a huge investment on your part to get started. You simply need a computer and access to Wi-Fi to get started.

In online tutoring, there are two methods you can use: group tutoring or one-on-one sessions. It is up to you to decide how many students you wish to have in your classes. 

Though it is a lucrative business, you will still need to prepare some equipment to be more efficient once your business grows. For example, make use of platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams that can support virtual whiteboards, and organise groups more effectively. 

Other investments that could boost not only your experience, but your students’, are establishing a web presence, turning to common tutoring software such as Videoscribe, and establishing a secure payment gateway for your company’s tutoring services.

Of course, there are many options to consider when marketing yourself and to profit as your tutoring business grows.

2. Career Counselling

The career decision process can be overwhelming with so many professional options to choose from. The purpose of a career counsellor is to bridge the information gap. It also provides people with the necessary knowledge about careers that match their interests, aspirations, and abilities.

Being able to provide professional insight to others as they seek to grow their personal brand and advance their careers can be a very rewarding business, both personally and financially. A career coach offers certified expertise in resume building, interviewing, and motivation processes to maximise the client’s potential. 

If you’d like to start a career coaching business, keep in mind that it can be more challenging than it seems. Besides getting a licence or certification, you should create a personalised plan for every single client that will help them stand out in a crowded market. 

Some of your most prominent responsibilities will be to:

  • Clearly communicate the client’s strengths and passions in professional communications, such as resumes, cover letters, elevator pitches etc.
  • Identify the person’s goals and align these with their actions
  • Encourage and inspire them to maximise their potential
  • Find suitable solutions and strategies
  • Encourage them not to give up

3. Personal Fitness Training 

If you like helping others learn how to strengthen their muscles, improve their cardio, or simply how to eat right, then personal training is a good option for you. Plus, this business idea can be done online or at the gym if you’re a certified fitness trainer. 

While offering physical training in person promotes a stronger relationship with your clients, you can also earn a significant amount by offering your services online. What’s more, is that this expands your client base beyond your local area. Plus, you’ll avoid paying gym fees that are associated with using their facilities to train others.

As you scale up, you could develop an app that features your training services and plans. You can even generate revenue from personalised merchandise sold through an associated
online store.

4. Music Writing and Production 

Teaching virtual music lessons and theory had already existed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. With social distancing, virtual music theory courses and lessons for just about every instrument exploded. This business idea will also require a computer, Wi-Fi, and a webcam, but it is not impossible.

5. Photography 

If you have a high-quality camera and are willing to teach, you can conduct workshops and courses for students. You can help people turn their passion for photography into a profession that they can also capitalise on in the future themselves. 

As with the other options, providing an educational platform for photography can also be done online. 

6. Language School

Opening a language school is also a proven successful educational business idea. However, it can only work if you are proficient in local and foreign languages, or are able to partner with people who can teach the target languages you offer – at least at the beginning. 

You can hire more people and branch out to different languages as your business grows. If you do not have the capital to set up a language school, you can also opt for opening up an online language school remotely. 

The upside of an online option is that your potential clients could join your classes from wherever they might be. You can also offer the option of recording your classes and selling them to those who wish to rewatch them later. 

7. Teaching Digital Online Presence

We live in a DigiTech world, where knowing how to build your online presence has become an essential tool for boosting the growth of any business. Teaching how to do this in the right manner is a lucrative business idea. Besides, there are so many interesting areas to cover: how to create a website, how to get your customers online, digital marketing, SEO and many others. 

The first step should be to showcase your training services, and your catalogue of online learning services, and optimise it all for search engines. Establishing a presence in the online space and generating profit from it involves a lot of effort and process.

8. Child Caretaker Courses

Online child caretaker courses are an amazing idea if you specialise in child care. Many parents are finding it increasingly challenging to balance their job and family with today’s demanding work culture. This means there is high demand for childcare professionals; as an online certification course creator, you can provide the market with qualified specialists.

Besides children, you can train caregivers for pet sitting, household duties, and tutoring. The caregiving industry is always in need of professionals, so take advantage of this to build a profitable business.

That’s a Wrap on Educational Business Ideas

We live in a world where education is an ever-growing need and, as a result, there are many business opportunities in this field.

You do not need a lot of capital to start an education business, but you do need a strong skill set in the area you would like to educate others, or know others, who could do it within your business model. Being a good teacher and having enough knowledge will make your business not only successful but also meaningful to your clients.

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