Are you on the search for a job? Do you like helping customers and working with others? Maybe a customer experience job might be for you. There are many jobs in this field of work areas such as: banking, transportation industry, telecommunications, and more! 

In this article, we will go through 7 of the best customer experience jobs that either; pay well or are the most enjoyable to work within. 

Before we begin, let’s have a look at what this profession does.

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What Are Customer Experience Jobs?

Customer experience jobs go by many names : customer experience job specialist, or for short, CX specialist. 

The role of these jobs is to give both new and recurring customers the top services that you can provide. 

You need to find out what the customers need, answer questions that they may have, and cooperate with other areas in your workplace. 

This is to assure that your customer has the best service from your company and is, in return, happy. As a result, you could gain a loyal, returning customer, many of which also refer their friends and family to your store. 

In turn, there will be more customers, profit, and a positive name for the business.

What Are the Necessary Skills?

To work in the field of customer experience, you need to learn how to have empathy as well as, at times, have the ability at all times to remain calm and composed. 

You will need to learn to adapt well to sudden changes, or situations and at most have patience and great communication skills. 

There will be times, like in any job, when you will need to admit that sometimes there is no easy answer or solution to the customers’ problem, and that is okay! 

When you are starting in customer service, you will have first-hand training, which can be up to 2 weeks. This can differ from company to company and the role that you have been employed under. Some may offer up to 4 while others up to 6 weeks, some may be paid others not. Some training include: store protocols, using the cash registers, and product knowledge, just to name a few. 

There will be ongoing training, throughout your time with the specific company. Some of these might be refresher courses or training for new products.

The 7 Best Customer Experience Jobs

This part is all up to you, what interests you, and your current skills, and knowledge. 

But of course, you can always start a new path of work, if you find one that really interests you. 


In this job, you deal with customers’ financial inquiries. Whether these are opening up a bank account, depositing, or withdrawing money. 

You must pass a screening before you get the job. As this job has a very high risk with security. You are handling the money of customers, and looking into their bank accounts. 

Not only must you pass a screening, but you need to have strong mathematical and selling skills. You must have excellent and professional writing and speaking skills. As well as being confident and both sympathetic and empathetic.

The average pay is between €1,300 – €4,400 per month or between €32,000 – €43,000 per year. 


In this customer experience job, your daily duties are: greeting guests at the front desk, making reservations, and answering guest questions. 

You will also have to use the phone and help with on-site events at the hotel that you are working at. 

Normally in this job, you will need to have previous experience in a hotel or hospitality. 

You should not only have excellent customer service and communication skills, but also being able to manage your time and daily tasks well. 

You may also need to know how to use certain software programs, assist with hotel bookings, and much more. If you know another language, then this is also a huge advantage! 

For this job, you do need to have a specific educational background. You will undergo much of the training throughout this course of work. 

The average base salary for an entry-level concierge is about €24,000. But at the senior level. With more than 8 years of experience, you can expect an average salary of €37,400 per year.


If you work as a receptionist, you can work for a lot of different organisations and companies. You are the first point of call for customers, as you will be at the front desk. 

You will greet customers, answer the phone, make appointments, and answer any questions that the customers may have. 

Not only that, but you will do some administrative work, such as copying, printing, and filing documents. You will need to maintain the filing systems and keep them up to date and in the correct filing system or folder. So having organisation skills is highly recommended.

Throughout your work shifts, you will have many tasks to go through. Being able to manage your time and tasks well is ideal.

As mentioned in the beginning. Being a receptionist, you are not fixed to one company, organisation, or area. The skills of being a receptionist are very interchangeable. You can work in the field of manufacturing, health care, education, and even in areas of the government. 

You do need any specific education for this job. Rather, you need specific skills which you can learn easily in education institutions, or even online. For example, skills in bookkeeping and specific software, for work in accounting fields.

To gain some work experience, you can do some volunteering or internships. Both provide a great and valuable experience that you can build upon. 

The average pay is about €1,700 to €2,800 per month. In a year you can expect between €21,000 to €25,000. 

Flight Attendant

If you enjoy travelling and other cultures, then this may be the job for you. 

You will have many responsibilities as a flight attendant. As a flight attendant you will be greeting passengers and offering assistance to them. A flight attendant is in charge of taking care of all the passengers on a plane. At the beginning of every flight you will show passengers all the safety protocols, emergency exits, and life vests.

Not only will you be working with the security procedures, but also you will serve the food and beverages throughout the duration of the flight. 

After landing, you will both be testing the emergency equipment and cleaning the cabin between the flights of the plane. 

These tasks are the same for every shift, flight, and airline.

You need to be medically fit for this job. You must have great eyesight, and be successful in the basic training beforehand. Not only that, but you will need not only a valid passport and a background check, completed by your national aviation authority. 

There are also various guidelines depending on the airline. Some airlines have minimal physical size and age. Additionally, you should have very good fluency in English as well as other languages. Likewise, you must always remain professional, friendly, and well-groomed. As another requirement, you must know how to swim. 

You need to be open-minded and have a good understanding of multicultural knowledge. You will not only need to be flexible with your shifts, but also have certain body control and dexterity. 

To become a flight attendant. You will have between 7 and 9 weeks of seminars, and the training is usually offered and paid for by the airline. The training includes both theory and hands-on, which will result in a test at the end.

You will on average get paid between €2,500 to €4,100 per month. 

This is about €31,000 – €57,200 per year, depending on if you were to study for a master’s degree, and how long you work as a flight attendant. There are also shift bonuses, holiday pay, and even promotions. 

IT Support Engineer

As a support engineer, you can either work on-site or from home (remote).

Your daily duties include: providing support for both hardware, software, and networking problems, assisting with the installation of software, and fixing network problems, and hardware malfunctions. You will also need to track, manage records and create job reports.

To be able to work in the IT field. You will typically need at least a bachelor’s degree in either computer science or information technology. Great speaking and writing skills are a must. As well as knowledge of computer coding languages, and computer hardware.

You could earn between €2,400 – €4,500 per month or €29,200 – €54,000 yearly.

Call Centre Agent

Being a call centre agent, you will work in either a big or small office with other call centre agents and representatives. You might accept incoming calls or make outward calls, or even both. 

The calls you will receive or make are the first impression when selling or resolving customers’ inquiries. Having excellent, respectful, and professional communication skills are highly recommended. Along with great listening skills, patience, and empathy.

In the call centre environment, when you get hired for the job, you will have training and exams. Some exams may be: basic English and maths exams, typing, and basic computer and network operations. 

Some may even test you for IQ and personality or administer a job and culture fit test. 

A lot of call centre companies have feedback or a customer satisfaction rate. Depending on your company, there is a set threshold to achieve. 

The monthly salary for this area of customer service is between €2,600-€5,600 per month. Depending on your company, area, and how long you have worked as a call centre agent – in a year it is about €31,300. 

Retail Customer Service Reps or Sale Associates

In this area of customer experience work, you work in retail stores. Stores such as: clothing stores, electronics, hair, skin and makeup, and more. 

Some may need you to do further training, while most others accept a high school certificate. 

You are the face of the company, so keeping a professional, friendly, and helpful manner is a must. 

You need to make sure that the customers’ experience with both you and the store is a happy one. Other daily tasks include: using the phone, filling customer returns and refunds. Plus, giving customers advice, when asked or if needed. You may have other responsibilities at work. Like, the handling of stock deliveries and setting up merchandise displays. 

You will have on-site training on the job. Learning the procedures of the store and/or company. Other training may be; how to handle customer complaints and knowing how to handle exchanges and returns. 

To be able to work effectively in this field. You will need to have some product knowledge of the company and great problem-solving skills. Having both teamwork and being able to work alone skills is also ideal. 

More importantly, having empathy and keeping a friendly manner at all times. 

The monthly salary is between €1,400 to €8,200. In a year, that means you could earn about €16,800 – €98,400. 

Closing Remarks on Customer Experience Jobs

Customer experience jobs are everywhere. Some customer service jobs may need you to undergo screenings. Enrol in courses, and tests before you get employed. In others, you can easily gain employment with only ever finishing high school. 

Of course, keep in mind that enrolling in classes or university may leave you with more of an advantage. Especially in the field of IT and/or receptionists. 

But to work in any customer service field, you must like working with people. You will deal with many customers and also work with your team on a daily basis. 

You will have many opportunities while working in the customer service field, like gaining new skills and also improving on those that you already have. 

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