Technology changes fast but the fundamental needs always stay the same. Technology brings us more possibilities and different perspectives. Yet, the primary demand that your company and customers have remains the same. 

Today, almost every company has a digital marketing plan. Traditional marketing strategies are replaced with digital strategies. The marketing platform is moving from the office environment and venues to social media such as Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. 

However, non-digital marketing strategies are still a big part of the game. If you heavily count on digital marketing strategies, you may be taking a risk. You need to find the right balance. Not every potential customer or investor will be exposed to digital advertisements. Therefore, by employing both, you should aim to be inclusive as possible. 

We gathered around 10 non-digital marketing strategies that are still popular and effective in business today. Keep reading to get to know these strategies. Or, for more insights from experienced entrepreneurs, sign up for our EWOR Platform and gain access to over 17 courses and a plethora of resources.

The 10 Old-school Strategies That Are Still Popular

1. Throwing Events 

Call your customers and invite them to a conference or an event. Make them feel involved. It doesn’t have to go on for 2-3 days. Doing so allows your customers to feel involved in your company while being able to share their experiences with others – even if the event only lasts a couple of hours. In any case, you are helping the public cultivate a positive attitude toward your company,  while also giving you a chance to understand your customers. 

2. Business Cards 

It might sound old school, but you never know when you might need them. Have your own business card with your name and your company’s name, your contact details, and distribute them. Don’t hesitate to ask around, friends or even cafes, whether they can give them to other people. 

Maybe some people will throw them away but there will always be some who will be interested or put them in their pocket and remember them when they need it. Trust the power of old-school business cards. 

3. Call Your Customers

Pick up the phone and call your customers one by one. It will take lots of time and not everyone will answer the phone. Yet, if they do, it is a great chance to ask about their experiences and offer them discounts, especially if they bring a friend or a family member. Sometimes, you don’t have to look so far away for new customers. They might be closer than you can think of.

4. Volunteer

Having a social purpose is good for so many things, such as spreading the name of your brand and helping people in need or doing something good for the world. When people see how your company is actively involved in social problems and finding solutions, they won’t only notice you but also their awareness will increase. Since it is a fragile topic, don’t take part solely for your company’s benefit, but actually engage in it. 

5. Brand In Common Spheres

Be visible. Have your company’s logo around the city, in public areas, or in public transportation. You can always turn it into a mutual benefit. In addition to reaching more people with your logo on bikes, cars, and buses, people or companies advertising for you will also benefit.

6. Show Them Around

Invite people and your customers to your building. Give them a tour and show them how you work and what kind of space you have. Having an interesting design and engaging environment for your visitors and employees will create a positive understanding of your brand. 

7. Use Nametags

The more your brand and your employees look friendly, the more attractive your company will be. When you throw events, give tours, or any time you engage with people, use nametags, You can also give them nametags when they attend an event. It always creates a positive attitude to tell and know someone’s name. It makes them feel more welcomed and included. 

8. Attend Networking Events

Attending other networking events is also a great way of meeting new people, exchanging ideas, and building a network. There must always be something going on in the city or wherever you are. Don’t stick to one place. Sometimes travelling somewhere else for a killer event might actually help you get to contact information of real game changer people. 

9. Give Sponsorship

You can’t always take, you also need to give. If you are expecting others’ support and sponsorship, you should also offer it to others who are coming after you. The more you give, the more you will receive. Besides, having your company’s name on a flyer or an event or anything as the sponsor will directly increase your brand’s value and power. 

10. Don’t Forget to Have Fun

After all, the process is more important and fun than the result itself. It is essential to keep your team happy. When you build a nice and friendly working environment, it will end up in a positive change of events. Your employees will be more engaged and eager to work, and their positive attitude will reflect on the customers and the representation of your brand and company. 

Besides, not everything can always be about work. To have better engagement, it is important to blow off some steam together as a team. Take your team on a trip, or have parties occasionally. Happy employees will bring happy results. 

In Short

Digital marketing strategies are a big part of the game. It is important to follow what’s going on in your field and how technological developments are a part of it. However, it is important to find a balance between both digital and non-digital marketing strategies. If you only focus on one, you might end up having a very rigid and fragile strategy that will likely fail over time. 

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