“You cannot manage other people, unless you manage yourself first” – Peter Drucker. Imagine a leader who comes late to every meeting, lacks motivation during meetings and calls entirely, and misses entire weeks of work because of their mental health situation. No person follows such a leader for long. Leading by example is crucial. And it requires leaders to manage themselves first before they can manage others. 

This course will be your toolkit for leading yourself through the steps of founding and growing a venture. As a leader, you will have to manage three core concepts before you manage others: your health, your energy and your time. After you have completed this course, you will have understood many philosophical and scientific concepts about these three areas and, more importantly, you will be able to apply them to your everyday life. Mastering those components yourself will also enable you to help your team be more healthy, focussed and effective.

Further literature – Knowing Yourself

All of the below focus more on knowing yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, and values. The following chapters in this course will focus entirely on health, energy, and time.