With a revenue larger than $11M and more than 750 million users, LinkedIn seems like an ideal platform to connect with and attract clients. But when you’re aiming for such a large pool, the burning question is: How do you do successfully generate lead on LinkedIn?

Nowadays, one of the basic steps of entering the business world is creating a LinkedIn profile. With a LinkedIn profile, not only will you have the chance to present your professional background, but also reach out to potential buyers as an entrepreneur. That is why it is crucial for you to know how to make the best of your LinkedIn profile. 

Optimising Your LinkedIn Profile

According to LinkedIn, 82% of B2B marketers gain better results from working with LinkedIn compared to other similar platforms. These statistics alone can emphacise the importance of focusing on optimising your profile on this platform. Despite being a social media platform, most people use LinkedIn to promote their businesses or find employment. So, let’s have a look at two ways you can enhance your profile to make the best of lead generation on LinkedIn:

  1. Make Your Profile Look Clear and Professional

It is very important for your profile to convey to others that you are an expert at what you do. With lead generation on LinkedIn, you are going to be personally reaching out to others by sending requests. If your profile doesn’t imply that you are a professional, the chances of accepting your requests are very low. 

  1. Showcase The Values You Bring to Your Audience

With LinkedIn profiles, you may have the impression that they’re all about your qualification which might be true to a large extent. However, it is also important that you show your customers the values and qualities you can offer specifically to them. While optimising your profile, remember to focus not just on your qualifications, but also on the values you can bring to the table. In other words, rearrange your profile with your potential customer in mind. 

Start Lead Generation on LinkedIn

With a profile that looks professional and showcases the values you offer, you are ready to start generating leads on LinkedIn. 

Here’s a quick refresher: Lead generation refers to the activities and strategies you use to connect with potential customers. Those customers are your leads. 

With a few tips in mind, you can start connecting with your leads on LinkedIn:

Keep an Active Profile

As an entrepreneur, it is crucial that you have a strong presence on LinkedIn. If you have a team, make sure your executives post statements about your business and what it stands for. You can also contribute to LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your professional environment. On top of that, remember to grow your followers.

Start Posting Relevant Content

To make sure your profile is seen, start posting content that isn’t only about your company, but about topics that are related to your business in general. Use various types of media such as photos and videos. This way, your profile will become a point of reference for many of your followers and as a result, your credibility will grow. 

Once you are seen as a credible source, it’s easier to connect with more people who share your interests. Each “Like” on your content means that someone outside your followers might see your post and that would make it easier to grow your followers. Also, more people are likely to accept your requests. 

Use Paid Services to Promote Your Business

LinkedIn is known to be the largest B2B platform. One of the best ways to get the most out of such a platform is using paid advertising tools to make sure your advertisements reach the right customers. Even if your marketing budget is limited, spending it on paid advertisements on LinkedIn would be a wise choice. 

Make the Best of LinkedIn’s Networking Feature

LinkedIn is used world-wide for networking and if you use that for your own benefit, you’re going to successfully generate more leads. 

If you’re already well-connected to your current customers, make sure to maintain that connections. You can ask for references and try to contact other connections they might have. Your requests are more likely to be accepted by those you have a mutual connection with as that helps to build trust.

Since you already know a little bit about the leads you’re reaching out to, it is going to be more welcome than cold messages or emails. 


As an entrepreneur, you’re probably already aware of the importance of LinkedIn in today’s business world. Without a LinkedIn profile, you are most likely missing out on potential customers who need your services but unaware of your business. 

When you’re trying to generate leads on LinkedIn, it is crucial to remember to have a professional profile and keep an effective, constant presence on the platform. 

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet, you can consider making one today. Keep in mind the tips introduced in this article so you can make the best of lead generation on LinkedIn. 

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