If you don’t want to be a salaried employee, accept orders from others, settle for a particular income, or remain inactive for the rest of your life, you are in the right place.  This article can show you in which fields you can be the boss of your own business.

For those who want to be their own boss, the first step should be to decide which field to focus on. Becoming your own boss is no longer as difficult as it was before. There is a wide variety of work prospects and a vast amount of information out there for you to utilise.

It’s possible to realise your business idea with determination, through detailed research, and expert support. If you believe that you already have the necessary qualifications as a future boss, then read on to see what fields are out there for you to start off in.

7 Industries That Make It Easy to be Your Own Boss

1. Starting a Green Cleaning Company

Climate change is on everyone’s mind. Day by day, increasing pressure from environmentalists is raising awareness. As a result, green cleaning firms, the names of which we will hear more often, are on the rise.

Green cleaning is defined as cleaning made using products such as vinegar, borax, steam, and lemon. It’s becoming increasingly popular, particularly among individuals with allergies, ailments, or small children. The number of environmentalists seeking environmentally friendly cleaning services is also growing.

2. Boutique Bakeries and Patisseries

A boutique bakery, or patisserie, is one area that appeals to both the soul and wallet. Master pastries are relatively affordable for people with the right qualifications to make them.

Establish your brand by focusing on client communication, hygiene, proper use of social media, marketing, and friendly service. Expand your brand visibility and reputation by offering individualised service and tasty cakes that no one can resist.

3. Wedding and Birth Photography

Wedding and birth photography have become one of the most popular and enjoyable vocations in recent years. Of course, others would argue that “today’s phones are so good that they don’t need photographers.” Worry not, though, there are plenty of folks out there happy to give you the opportunity to immortalise one of their happiest days.

If you’re not sure where to begin, read our article on how to start a photography business. Otherwise, if you have a talent for photography, trust your skills, and get down to business by starting your own.

4. Real Estate / Consultancy in Real Estate

The growth in the real estate sector makes this job appealing. It’s an essential area, particularly for individuals seeking a low-capital, high-profit margin start-up. You can become your own boss by purchasing franchises from giant real estate corporations.

5. Juice Bars

In recent years, there has been an increase in entrepreneurial activity related to healthy living. Juice bars are one of them. It is one of the world’s fastest-growing beverage sectors.

Besides those who do this job with small fruit juice machines, the number of those who make it a corporate business is quite high. For this, shopping malls and city centres with crowded locations are ideal.

6. Social Media Expertise

This is a no-cost business, and you are as liked as you are creative. You get followers as much as you are loved, and you may earn money as you gain followers. You may make a lot of money by placing adverts from huge corporations on your profile.

In short, it is entirely up to you on how to brand yourself here. Allow the keyboards and tech to get to work for you!  Today, TikTok and Instagram are the most popular social media channels. Take your chance and begin producing content. Just be sure to choose your target audience first, to create decent content.

7. E-Commerce

The times have changed a lot. As it changed, people’s demands for goods and services also increased. In order to respond to these demands, businesses now use the e-commerce method. You can buy wholesale products and put them up for sale online. What are you going to sell? Well, you need to observe the needs of people around you and fill the gap.

Is Being Your Own Boss Worth It?

You’ll need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of being your own boss. After all, perhaps you have what it takes but find the cons not worthwhile. Or maybe, you’re not sure whether it’s right for you, but are swayed by the positive aspects of being your own boss!

Advantages of Being Your Own Boss 

1. You are doing what you love and know.

You may show your passion, inventiveness, and knowledge in an area that you are familiar with. Your dreams are formed and developed by you.

2. You are in command.

You make the decisions. Furthermore, you aren’t required to obey the managers or supervisors.

It’s a lovely feeling to follow your instincts, make educated predictions, and do whatever you want or to take chances and spend money. “Business norms” will not tire you since you set your own rules and apply your own discipline and motivation.

3. You can choose your working time.

 You can be an early riser, or you might not want to work in the afternoon to care for your children or yourself. You don’t have to be a chair warmer on someone else’s schedule with your own firm. In short, you’re responsible for your productivity, not your hours.

Some managers are better than others at organising their employees. Likewise, some bosses are better at implementing new and improved tech at the workplace or providing the best office location. In some cases, the office Wi-Fi is painfully slow.

Though, when you’re your own boss, all of this and more is in your power to change and address.

4. Work where you want.

This was already hinted at in the previous point. But, it is important to hammer this idea in. For example, if you don’t wish to reside in Stuttgart, you can relocate to Berlin.

If you’re fed up with Berlin traffic, you can travel to a less congested city. You can meet folks at Starbucks or spend your entire day working from home (depending on your company, of course) – either way, the decision is yours.

5. You might earn far more than a compensated job in a short time.

When you start your own business, you can usually earn what you did in a year at your previous salaried job in one month, if not more. As your company grows, your earnings will rise rapidly.

6. You know that you are resolving issues.

You understand that every problem you solve bears your signature — a sense of accomplishment like this is uncommon.

7. You have the potential to start a new industry or change an existing one.

So why not? You can identify market gaps and create new opportunities.

8. You create jobs.

 You make jobs available to others. As the decision-maker, you can build a business that maybe employs thousands.

9. You only have to face yourself for your mistakes.

Be it at your own company, or salaried somewhere, you will make mistakes on the job. Though, when you discover your errors, it is your face in the mirror that says, “It is okay this time, but if it happens again, we’ll break the deal.” While this requires a strong sense of accountability for your actions, it is a lot less tense to address your mistakes with just yourself.

Disadvantages of Being Your Own Boss 

Being the boss is always an enviable position that everyone wants to be in. As soon as we hear the word “boss”, we think of the person who is fearless and has plenty of money. This doesn’t mean it is always a glamorous spot to be in.

1. Being an employer.

Sitting on one side of the desk as an employer is always perceived as more comfortable than sitting on the other side of the desk as a jobseeker in job interviews. It is not as simple or pleasant as it appears to be to select the individual who will work for you.

When selecting a new employee for your company, there are a few other factors to consider. For example, the person you intend to contact should be trustworthy. You’re not only hiring a new employee; you’re also adding a new member to your family.

Being a successful boss entails getting along with the staff. Those who work long hours tend to regard their workplace as a family. The safer you feel, the more peaceful you will be. Furthermore, employee ownership of your organization improves success. Thus, it is critical to hire people who care about your company as much as you do.

2. Working hours, holidays, and vacations.

As the boss, there is no concept of working hours. In other words, your work is always lurking in the back of your mind. Even if you’re on holiday, you may need to answer that ringing phone.

3. Customers have sway in your decisions.

Sometimes going beyond your own bounds is necessary to make the customers happy. In this instance, your customer may end up becoming the boss. This may not be a significant disadvantage, but it should be considered.

4. Being a role model.

While this could also be a pro, you must lead, whether you like it or not. If you want to be a leader, you must act like one. Your staff are keeping an eye on you.

If you do not value your work, you cannot expect more from your employees. What you do and how you do it not only shapes your image, but your business’ as well.

6. You get what you pay for.

You will not have any salary or compensation security. Everything will be determined by you, your company, your clients, your market, and your options. There is no assurance that you will earn the same amount next month.


As previously stated, no matter how tempting it may seem to be your own boss, it is vital to examine the hazards. Of course, every action in life involves some risk. The main thing is to clearly identify your goal and to take decisive steps toward it. The methods outlined above will help you become your own boss. By paying attention to these procedures, you can anticipate the difficulties you may face as your own boss.

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