The world of learning has expanded like never before. There is always a new field we need to learn about; Crypto, NFTs, blockchain, you name it. So, it’s essential to continue learning and constantly improving ourselves. 

As members of an educational community, we want to highlight the benefits of education and technology working together. Thus, we want to answer your questions on how EdTech helps businesses. EdTech helps you build new skills, improve the ones you already have, and learn novelties that give an impulse to your teams and projects.

Sound good? Let’s dive into how Edtech helps businesses.

What is EdTech?

EdTech stands for Educational Technology, and it’s the use of technology to improve the teaching-learning experience and solve educational challenges. Think Duolingo for learning languages, iPads in the classroom, and apps like Voice Dream Reader, a text-to-speech app that can assist people with dyslexia. 

This opens the door to many possibilities including Social Media, Learning Apps and even Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

How Can EdTech Help Your Business? 

There are several benefits for companies and individuals alike when it comes to EdTech. It is always important to have clear learning goals, to know what you want to learn and how can you better use technology to assist. Here are some of our recommendations on how EdTech can help your business.

Go Global 

One of the main and most normalised benefits of EdTech is that you can learn from anywhere. And we don’t just mean that you can be anywhere you want to access a class or learning materials. You can access teachers, courses and resources from anywhere on the planet. Want to learn Spanish? Take classes with a native speaker living in Colombia with Lingoda or Babbel. Can’t make it to Google’s developers’ conference, Google I/O, in the US? Watch it live as they stream it worldwide. There are no boundaries. 

Have Fun

We learn better when we are having fun. That is as true for children as it is for adults. Through EdTech, we can access many tools that structure learning like a game, with different challenges, points systems and rewards. That is known as gamification. One good example of this is Kahoot, a digital tool that allows you to create learning games and presentations. When it comes to the workplace, they create presentations, business meetings and training sessions that have proven to be more engaging and efficient.

Explore the Virtual World

Did we mention that through EdTech, you can learn from anywhere? Well, that includes the virtual world. VR allows us to explore digital recreations of any space to make the learning experience more interactive and engaging. 

In school, virtual labs, like the ones created by Labster, are perfect examples of how VR enables spaces otherwise impossible to access in real life. Want to give your customers a more approachable experience with your product? Create a virtual showroom where they can interact with it. 

You can also dip your toes in the digital world through Augmented Reality (AR). This way you can use electronic devices, like a smartphone, to see digital models in real-world settings.  

Help Your Team to Learn

Use technology to train your team. Sharing digital spaces, using apps or video chats can make communicating with your team more efficient.

A video workshop or recorded session can be an efficient way to standardise the onboarding process and save time for your current employees and new hires. With tools like Screencast-O-Matic, it is possible to shorten the time in which your team can be at the same level. 

We previously mentioned VR, and this can also be useful to train your team. For example, 360 immersive is an American company that focuses on VR training for workers’ safety. If your company deals with customer service every day, you could also use AI tools to simulate phone calls with clients using a chatbot. Using these tools will keep your team up-to-date, engaged and more dynamic.

Learn Outside the Box

Aside from using the aforementioned tools, EdTech helps businesses by providing access to courses and learning new skills through education apps. You and your team will benefit from learning new skills or topics which broaden your perspective, keep you motivated, and enable you to connect different areas. That is beneficial for everyone since this acquired knowledge can connect to your business. 

All these benefits can translate to your company and your product and will be beneficial in the short, medium and long terms. Coursera, Udemy or Khan Academy are some apps that have a vast amount of courses and classes in different areas, from humanities to web development.

If you want to learn more about developing a start-up and getting into the entrepreneurial world, EWOR has got you covered with our world-class lectures and available resources. 

Let EdTech Help You

EdTech is a great tool for you and your company to keep making progress. Through the use of technology and education, you can simplify tasks, be more time-efficient and overall, grow as a person, a team and a company. So let EdTech help your business and keep moving forward to a brighter future.

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