Perhaps you think that to open a business, you need a large sum of money. Here’s the thing: you don’t need tens of thousands of euros or dollars to open a business.

It does not matter if you commit yourself full-time to your business or start a side business along with other commitments. From freelance accountants to small food stall owners, these small-sized businesses profit around €8 trillion every year in the United States alone. There are numerous business ideas that you can turn into your desired business with a little €1,000.

This article will discuss some businesses you can start with your €1,000.

What type of businesses can you start with your €1,000?

Amazon Business: 

Amazon provides an accessible opportunity to a young entrepreneur who wants to start a business on its platform. Its interface is straightforward, and you can sell products utilising its website. Start your business with small amounts, for instance, €1000. You don’t have to worry about storage and shipping items to all your customers. With Amazon’s Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), Amazon takes care of all the hassles. All you have to do is list your items on their website and send them to the company’s storage facility. Then Amazon ships the product through its delivery channel to the customer. 

Vending Machine Business:

This business is tricky because you have to be conscious about selecting the places you intend to set up the vending machines. Once you find a perfect location, it will run perfectly. It is enough to start a vending machine business with only €1,000.

To start a vending machine business, you obviously need to have a vending machine. You can buy a used or refurbished vending machine for very little money. Stock snacks or drinks in the vending machine, and voila, you have successfully started your business. However, ‌you will need to collect and store money in the vending machine, in addition to frequently refilling the items that you want to sell. 

Freelance Photographer:

If you have ideas for photos, you can start a photography business with your smartphone. Smartphone technologies have come a long way and caught up ‌with DSLR photography. A camera-oriented phone is more than enough for you to own freelance photography business, but if you want to give it a professional look, buy a camera. You do not have to buy high-priced or fancy mirrorless cameras. 

You can start with a second-hand camera, and it won’t cost much. There are lots of cameras on Amazon and eBay. Once you’ve purchased your camera, take some pictures of your friends for free, then advertise your expertise on social media or create your own website for the photography business. To edit the pictures for your clients, you need a computer which you probably already have, and for the editing, you can buy subscriptions for the editing software. You can use all Adobe suite products such as Photoshop and After Effects for just $19.99 per month.

Painting Business:

The painting job needs a steady hand and a person who has overcome a fear of height. With this set-aside, you can start a painting business with your €1000. You need clear, undivided attention to detail and a brush with a bucket for this business. Generally, the person who hires you for the painting pays for the painting costs. The only things you need are paint brushes, buckets, rollers, ladders, and tapes, which would not cost you more than €400 altogether. Each room painting can earn you around €200 to €800, depending on the size of the room. On average, an expert painter can earn up to €60 per hour. 

Home Cleaning Business:

There is much competition in the home cleaning business, but this business will always be around. The good thing is that you do not need to have a large sum of money to operate this business.

In the beginning, you have to do the cleaning of your clients’ houses since you are doing the business on a low budget. For marketing, you do not have to spend the money on the advertisement; marketing by words or flyers and door-to-door visits will work out for your business. You will need a business licence and insurance to operate your cleaning business, and the rest of the cost is the items for cleaning.

Freelance Writer:

If you have writing as your hobby, freelance writing is going to be a perfect business for you to start with €1,000. You need a laptop and a stable internet connection, and you’re all set. You do not need to have a massive investment in operating your freelance writing business.

Much of your investment will be used in finding your potential new clients. Genres of the writing can be varied since your clients will have different interests, so there are variations in writing. Apart from writing articles and making blog posts, you can offer yourself as an editor or a proofreader.

Smartphone Repair Business:

This type of business requires prior knowledge regarding fixing damaged smartphones. Therefore, you should learn to repair smartphones by becoming an apprentice to someone who knows about repairing them. 

The smartphone repairing business will not disappear anytime soon, since people have become more dependent on their phones. Given people drop their phones frequently, leading to damage, your business should be fine. Here is an article that pointed out the frequency of people falling on their smartphones every week. 

Personal Chef:

The gastronomy industry is now booming these days, and the good news is you can start your gastronomy business with only €1,000 by becoming a personal chef. However, to run this business, you need to know the food industry and a food safety licence. Don’t be disappointed; you do not need to have a food degree to operate this business; a few cooking classes and enthusiasm for cooking will do just fine. This business demands you to make a plan and prepare a meal based on your client’s desire.

Translation Service:

If you know more than one language, then the translation service business is also a good fit. Your job is to convert spoken and written words of one language to another. During the days of globalisation, companies are doing business worldwide; therefore, it requires translation services. You can start it online or go to companies where you can offer your services. 

Tips to Run Your €1,000 Business

  1. You will face a few setbacks, and your business will not always be stable. However, each obstacle that you overcome will make you better at controlling your upcoming predicaments.
  2. You will face negativity from clients and rivals, but it is okay. Just like in real life, you need to ignore these negativities and focus on the positives that you receive from your business.
  3. You will have to work extra hours. As it is a small budget business and lacks staff, you have to do all the work. However, that’s fine; the initial work will pay off once you reach certain success. 
  4. Since your investment in your business is Business to start with €1000, the success will not happen in a matter of days. You have to keep faith and patience, and then gradually, you will reach the goal that you envisioned. It is advisable to have small plans and achieve those goals one by one. That will tell you that you are moving forward.


There are many opportunities to start your own business with €1,000. Not to mention, there are a wide variety of fields you can choose to go into with your new venture. While there may be setbacks or negativity from clients and rivals or an intense amount of work at first, it will all be worth it as you watch your project grow and unfold. With that, we hope this article has inspired you to pursue opening your very own business.

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