Most frequent questions and answers

No, the EWOR supports you in formulating an idea during the program. 

The EWOR Fellowship is free! 

EWOR takes 3% equity in the business you build as part of the EWOR program. You retain the majority stake.

The partner company has an innovation challenge that will be your framework to build a startup and it supports you with industry knowledge and office space. The partner company has no control over you or the venture you build, but they might be your first client!

This depends on the location of the partner company and the possibility of travel due to corona restrictions. Ideally, you will be at the partner company often to enable knowledge exchanges and to build great rapports. Once you are accepted in the program, you will have time to arrange logistics.

A partner company is struggling to innovate in an area of their business. It provides you with an initial problem that will be your framework to build a company. This helps you find a product-market fit quickly and increases the likelihood of your success. The challenges are broad, so you can apply your own personal vision. Read about our alumni here.