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Change the status quo and apply to start an impactful venture. EWOR Academy is an award-winning education system and community – backed by billion-dollar founders, global CEOs, and first-class academics.

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Apply to  become a member of a life-long community and join our 8-week entrepreneurship introduction program helping you to start a company with lasting impact on environment or society.


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A Unique Platform

Our platform counts over 17 courses including identifying customer needs, early validation techniques, prototyping, team building, business modelling, content marketing, advertising, and no-code prototyping.

Outstanding Instructors

All of our course creators have practical entrepreneurship experience.

Challenge-Driven Learning

We stand for challenge-driven learning, allowing you to experience all learned content through real live challenges. Share your results in our forums and discuss them with your peers.


What is in it for you?


Meet outstanding peers eager to start an impactful company.


An award-winning education system with over 17 courses uniquely designed to help you start off.


Free legal templates, productivity tools, slide decks, etc. The list goes on...


Join regular networking events and meet outstanding guest speakers on a regular basis.


Get your app developed, your website designed or your social media handled. Focus on what you do best, we help with the rest.


We help you connect with investors who fit best to your idea & venture. Our network counts over 100 active investors.

Beth Kume Holland

Founder - Patchwork Hub

Philipp Niemeier

Founder - SOKR


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