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I’m Neal Boisvert, and the following resources you’re about to access has given me the power to connect with and persuade virtually anyone. I’ve used the following principles to successfully build relationships and sell into the C-Suite/VP’s of companies like Slack, AWS Redshift, NetApp, Box, Dropbox, Acquia, and many other Fortune 500 level companies.    

Your  Expert for this Course

Neal first applied these principles when he oversaw the finance & sponsorship team for the JDC West organizing committee, Canada’s largest business case competition. Together, the team raised more than $1 million in cash/in-kind sponsorships by using these principles. Neal also worked in business development at Klue, where he used these principles to craft cold outreach tactics – leading to deals with Slack, AWS, NetApp, Box, Dropbox, Acquia, and many other Fortune 500 level companies during his tenure.   

About this Course

The scope of this course is the fundamental persuasion and sales principles that form the frameworks used by trusted industry leaders and researchers. Why this course matters to you is simple – you need to persuade prospects to buy your solution, people to join your team, and investors to deploy capital in your venture among many other use cases. Persuasion skills are at the core of every successful entrepreneur, and the goal of this course is to curate all the resources you need to develop and apply the skill for yourself – whether you’re technical or non-technical!

Your Main Challenge

Your main challenge is to make your first sell.