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Hi! I’m Julia and I’m a productivity geek.

Your Expert for this Course

Julia is an entrepreneur, passionate community builder, and musician. With her company Vyou, she helps to match people to the right work, teams, and environment by measuring behaviour and energy. Prior to this, Julia’s company Emplow was acquired. She has helped to build up the Kairos Europe Summit, an annual conference of the Kairos Society, where 250 of the best entrepreneurs and global leaders unite to focus on solving the world’s most pressing problems. Now, she is taking care of communications for the Kairos Society Europe. Most recently, she started building a hybrid impact investing holding company powered by a coalition of family offices, corporations, foundations, and government agencies to invest in and catalyse scalable solutions to the world’s toughest problems. Julia is also part of Voyagers, lead by David Rowan, where meaningful community is created by bringing together unusually interesting individuals from diverse backgrounds for curated activities in magical places. 

Music has played a big part in her life- ever since she is four years old, she has been playing the piano and composing music. In the past, she has won prizes in multiple regional and national piano competitions. Julia believes that music is a language that everybody can understand and one that brings people together in a way that words cannot describe.

About this Course

This course exists to introduce you to useful productivity tools in a blog-like fashion. Whether focusing on communications, project management or personal time management, this course will equip you with the tools necessary to succeed with your venture.

Your Main Challenge

Decide on using 5 of the tools described in this course and report your experiences below. Did your productivity change? Which ones were most productive and why?

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