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‘Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.’
– Abraham Lincoln.

In this course, we’ll help you sharpen your axe before you get going to build your company.

About the curators

Daniel is a serial entrepreneur, who was a part-time coach on health sleep, nutrition, flow and time management. He helped the Dagang Olympic Math team win the First Place China Award in a renowned math competition as their team coach and taught his principles to high performance teams in larger corporations.

Mattias is a serial entrepreneur who founded two ventures which IPO’d at a valuation of over $1 BN. He owns over 60 patents, many of which he has sold to renowned corporations. He attributes much of his success to his scientifically proven and diligent personal development routines.

About the course

This course consists of three main pillars: Health, energy and time. As Peter Drucker puts it: “You cannot manage other people, unless you manage yourself first”. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs (and junior managers) start managing other people before they’re even able to manage themselves. The results are disastrous. Employees leave the company prematurely, leaders are not taken seriously and the culture suffers. We (Mattias & Daniel) have seen entire companies break as a result. In this course, we’ll teach you to:

Get your health right. We’ll teach you how to master your sleep, mind, and nutrition to succeed long-term by staying healthy and energetic throughout.

Get your energy right. We’ll teach you everything about habits, willpower, and flow you need to know. We’ll use the most recent scientific findings.

Get your time management right. This part will mostly be about prioritisation and balancing all sorts of trade-offs, whether it is efficiency vs effectiveness, deep work vs shallow work or execution vs reflection.

Main challenge

Your main challenge will be to create a personal health, energy and management plan which allows you to track your time and habits and helps you be more consistent. You can download a template at the last lesson in this course.

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