Networking and Social Capital

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I am Daniel Dippold and I have used the science of networking to amongst others create the Kairos EU Summit which has been visited by Prime Ministers, billionaires and nobel prize laureates.

Your Expert for this Course

Daniel Dippold has learned about networking when overseeing the St. Gallen Symposium, where he led the South African chapter. He managed to get through to Finance Minister and Chairman of the International Monetary Funds Trevor Manuel, whom he was able to convince to come to Switzerland. Daniel has furthermore founded the Kairos Europe Summit, a conference that incentivises its participants to work on solutions that will prevail beyond the Summit. The event has been visited by Prime Ministers, billionaires and nobel prize laureates.

About this Course

This course addresses both research on networking and best practices observed from Kairos fellows, peers and myself. The goal is for you to understand the importance of networking, the mechanics of networking and best practices that can easily be copied by you. This course is short as networking is one of the most practical topics one can think of. It is easy to understand, but hard to apply.

Main Challenge

The main challenge in this course is to build a networking strategy and execution plan. Your strategy should at least address which mechanism you will use to develop more strong ties, weak ties and to network across structural holes. Your plan should be a set list of tasks, preferably divided over a period of days or weeks that can easily be executed as aligned with your strategy.