Building a Website with HTML, CSS and JS

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Welcome to this course about web development. We’ll teach you to build your own website so that you can do what an entrepreneur needs to do: Brag about your products, gain customer feedback quickly, and hire employees.

Your Experts for this Course

Björn is a serial entrepreneur, who has founded 7 ventures to date. He worked at McKinsey for 2 years and owned his own website agency which recorded close to 7-figure revenues. He is now building a new form of school in Paraguay, which teaches people how to code – and most importantly – how to think like a coder.

Daniel has built over 20 websites to date, many for his own ventures. The EWOR website and education platform were also built by Daniel and Chris from the EWOR team. He’s an education enthusiast – which led him to start EWOR – and the epitome of a generalist.

About this Course

As an entrepreneur you want to engage with the outside world for many reasons. And a website is one of the best ways to do so. A website allows you to display content on phones and laptops, to interact with your customers or employees through embedding forms, and to integrate videos or podcasts, all of which is more difficult when using slide decks. You might want to gain insights from potential customers on whether they’d buy your product, sell your product or service, interact with potential employees, present your product for marketing purposes, or win subscribers for your newsletter.

In this course, you’ll learn how to code a website from scratch – and speed up your development by using HTML templates. This will entail learning to code HTML, CSS, and a bit of Javascript. You will also learn how to integrate all sorts of things, such as videos, typeforms, and newsletter tools. Lastly, we’ll teach you how to deploy your website for free!

Main Challenge

Your main challenge is to build a website. Host your website on Netlify and share it with your peers for feedback.