What Makes The EWOR Programmes So Special?

EWOR is the first blended learning school to educate minds to successfully launch a business.

We started in 2017 with the idea to create a system that allows people to build companies next to universities and their jobs. We wanted to foster innovation and the entrepreneurial drive of talented individuals.

There is a lack of education and resources on how to build a venture, and we believe that entrepreneurship cannot be taught ‘the ordinary way’. After experimenting with several different approaches, we launched the EWOR Fellowship.

All of our alumni succeeded and are currently running ventures, while more Fellows are following in their footsteps. To support more aspiring entrepreneurs with the education and resources they need to succeed, we followed up with the EWOR Academy.

EWOR combines traditional and modern learning approaches by providing customized online training, which unites the easy to follow the flexible curriculum of a traditional school with new learning-by-doing approaches. Learners are able to fully customize their curriculum according to their needs and receive feedback from senior entrepreneurs and peers alike during their journey.

What is EWOR’s Education Philosophy?

EWOR’s education philosophy is following the challenge-driven learning approach. This means that at EWOR individuals do not just memorize theories, but learn solutions to practical problems in real-time.

Our goal is to turn you into a self-driven individual who excels under typical conditions startups find themselves in Volatility, Uncertainty, Chaos and Ambiguity. Our mission is to help hundreds of thousands of Individuals to build companies that make positive change.

EWOR provides you with a learning platform and resources for all the challenges and obstacles you will encounter during your entrepreneurship journey. The knowledge we provide can directly be applied in your own business and help you learn in a much more efficient and fun way.

In comparison with a traditional university, you will have much more flexibility and freedom of choice where you can focus on learning the skills you need to make your business grow right now, rather than spending months studying abstract concepts that may or may not be useful in the future.

Additionally, the tools and services used are suggested by successful entrepreneurs themselves. We have collected them to provide you with additional materials once you join our platform.

What are EWOR’s programmes?

EWOR currently offers two programmes: Academy & Fellowship

Both programmes help individuals launch successful companies by providing them with a complete education package, which walks young entrepreneurs through all the stages of launching a venture.

Once you join, you will have the opportunity to learn from founders of successful startups, global CEOs, reputed experts worldwide, as well as network within a community of highly exceptional individuals.


About the EWOR fellowship

The EWOR fellowship is a 10-month sponsored programme to access the EWOR education platform and receive online classes and mentorship from senior entrepreneurs and other highly motivated peers. The fellowship is highly selective and will allow you to network and start your own business in an environment of excellence. So far, all of our alumni are running successful ventures.

Eligibility criteria

Anyone residing within the European Union is eligible to apply for the EWOR Fellowship. The acceptance rate is fairly low to keep the batch size below 10 people for better individual support. Usually, one or two rounds of interviews are conducted before getting accepted to the programme. To become an EWOR Fellow, you do not need to have a business idea. However, you must be ready to start your own business and commit at least 20 hours per week to starting your venture and scaling it.


With the EWOR fellowship, you will be building your own venture. You will learn to develop entrepreneurship skills such as web development, communications skills, networking and many more. You will have access to a renowned community of educators and entrepreneurs and get valuable guidance from them.

You will be assigned a partner company that will provide you with industry knowledge and support. While the Fellowship can be done fully remotely, your partner company will provide you with free office space for the perfect working environment to generate fresh ideas.

Upon successful completion of the programme, you will receive a certificate and you will be running your first venture.



The EWOR Academy is an 8-week online programme with one year access to the EWOR education platform.

During these 8 weeks, you will attend at least three weekly sessions where you will learn everything you need to know for running your own business from our in-house experts and guest lecturers which consists of global CEOs, unicorn founders, serial entrepreneurs, and renowned professors.

During and after these 8 weeks, you will also be able to network with other highly motivated peers who go through the same stages to support and help each other out. It is a good opportunity to find your partner and future Co-Founder during the EWOR Academy.

You will have access to our education platform and resources such as free legal templates, business plan templates and a lot of useful materials.

Eligibility criteria

The EWOR Academy is usually taking place in class sizes of around 50 learners and involves filling out an application form and one round of interview. The EWOR Academy is perfect if you are already running your own startup. However, you do not need to run a business to join the EWOR Academy.


The purpose of the EWOR Academy is to help build and grow a successful venture by providing you with great learning materials from experts and immersing you into a network of other highly-motivated (future) founders.

Upon successfully finishing the course, you will receive a certificate signed by reputed founders and experts.

Why should you choose EWOR?

  • Learn from world-class experts

EWOR programmes are designed by more than thirty world-class mentors such as unicorn founders, CEOs, investors and renowned coaches. Our programmes facilitate challenge-driven thinking and empower individuals to create a long-lasting impact.

  • 17+ Courses covering a vast variety of topics

EWOR provides 17 unique courses ranging from venture financing to content marketing, coding or no-coding prototyping, personal development, team building and many more to make sure that the learner is future-ready and equipped with all necessary skills. We keep updating and improving our courses.

  • Tailored learning experience

    A piece of theoretical knowledge is not enough to build a business. Understanding real-world problems and facing challenging situations to solve them provides a unique modern learning experience without cramming and sitting in exams.

    EWOR’s philosophy is “Learning by doing, not studying”. At EWOR, we aim to keep the learning experience as relevant as possible by giving individual’s tools to solve problems.
  • Tons of additional material

The learning platform includes exclusive offers and rebates on the most commonly used services and resources needed by business founders. Furthermore, we provide you with many templates, ranging from NDAs to working contracts and other legal templates that can be found within the platform.

For more in-depth information on EWOR programmes, visit EWOR’s website. For academy related information check out this handbook.

Applying for EWOR programmes is extremely easy. Just fill out this form and submit it.

We are looking forward to your application!

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