If making the most out of your time is one of your 2022 resolutions, productivity tools might be the thing you need to get started.

We’ve rounded up our top ten tools for time management, project management, communication and note taking. If you’re a budding entrepreneur or you’re starting a venture, read on to find out how you can become more efficient!

The Best Productivity Tools for Time Management

Do you ever wake up, look at your to-do list, and wonder why there are only 24 hours in a day? We do, too. However, the tools below are amazing to help you make the most of your day and make sure you still get some downtime.

  • Calendar. This AI-powered software learns from your schedule and automatically schedules and invites attendees to meetings. It also gives you analytics about how you spend your time, which can be useful for time tracking.
  • Everhour. This time-tracking system enables you to track time spent on projects accurately, predict due dates and make sure you never miss a deadline.
  • Hold. This app’s motto is “Make it happen”—and it does help you do exactly that! Install it on your devices and open it when you need to focus. This essentially puts your device on hold, restricting access to other apps until you end the holding cycle. The app also features a leaderboard, so you can compete with your friends, and track how much time you “hold” in a week.

The Best Project Management Tools

Even the most organised of people can struggle with handling a few different projects at once. Luckily, there are a plethora of productivity tools out there that help you stay on top of them.

  • ProofHub. This productivity tool is fantastic for managing complex projects. It enables you to collaborate with your team, track the amount of time spent on each task, and gain an overview of how projects are going.
  • Todoist. This one came recommended by productivity expert Julia Zhou. She uses this app as a personal to-do list, which enables her to create individual projects with subtasks, due dates, priority levels and labels. Todoist can also be used as a collaboration tool.
  • Monday.com. This aesthetically-pleasing platform makes sorting out your tasks much easier. You are free to customise your workflows, share them with colleagues, change the way you view them, and more.

The Best Productivity Tools for Communication

You don’t need to be a business wizard to know that communication with your team, clients, and stakeholders is absolutely vital. Emails are gradually becoming obsolete as more people ditch them in favour of more efficient, personable methods. We’ve rounded up our favourites below.

  • Slack. The aim of this platform is to remove the need for email inside your company. Slack enables you to create channels and private messages to instantly message your colleagues. It also holds many fun features and integrations to further your productivity.
  • Zoom. Zoom hardly requires an introduction after the Covid-19 pandemic. This conferencing software is incredibly powerful and can host large groups, which comes in handy if you’re hosting webinars, for example. The free version also allows calls for up to 40 minutes, great if you’re on a budget.

The Best Note-Taking Tools

If you’re an entrepreneur, chances are you spend a large chunk of your days in meetings. How do you keep track of all the things that are discussed? The productivity tools below could help you!

  • OneNote. This Microsoft app emulates a physical notebook with tabs and subpages. It’s delightfully easy to use and makes organising notes a dream.
  • Obsidian Notes. Another of Julia’s favourites, this tool advertises itself as your “second brain”. As well as normal note-taking, the software creates a network of keywords mentioned in your notes and shows you how they link together. This is reminiscent of how our brain works and helps us retrieve information faster.

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