Starting your own company requires finding the right investor. There are different investors, such as banks, peer-to-peer lenders, venture capitalists, personal investors, and angel investors. Angel investors are individuals who invest their own money in small and large businesses in exchange for equity.

Below are the top five angel investors in Germany and tips on preparing for an interview with a possible investor.

Carsten Maschmeyer 

‘In 1983 The German newspaper BILD described me as ‘the most successful young entrepreneur in Europe’’

Carsten Jens Maschmeyer was born on May 8th, 1959 in Bremen, Germany. He is an angel investor, businessman, author, speaker, and founder and owner of the Maschmeyer Group.  His main areas of interest in investing are software, health care, and IT. He invests the capital of growth through ALSTIN (alternative strategic investments) in developing businesses and markets with innovations. The Paladin Asset Management team, which belongs to Maschmeyer, invests in publicly listed companies. 

Alongside these types of investments, he also offers seed investments to startups. According to, he invested 17 times in 2022. So far he has only done investments in Germany, Sweden, and Austria. He made 29 partner investments, but individually he has invested 23 times. Furthermore, he has two exits: and Mobile Event Guide on his Crunchbase profile. Exits stand for the companies he invested in at a funding round that went public. Some of the companies he invested in and is the founder of are: HMNC Brain Health, Syntellix AG,, Orderbird, Blacklane, nu3, PÁPYPÁPYDO DO, and TRIGGIN.

Christian Vollmann

 ‘On a mission to accelerate the transition to net-zero transportation and chemical production.’

Christian Vollmann was born on 10th November 1977 in Erlangen, Germany. He is a businessman, an angel investor, chairman of the board at, and a venture partner at PropTech1 Ventures. He has made a total of 24 investments and has been involved in over 70 companies so far. His primary investment focus is software, media, and entertainment. He offers angel investments, series A, and seed funding. Until now, he has only made investments in Germany, Ireland, and the United States. 

His latest investment was to the organisation Marta in the seed round. This organisation is interested in helping older people get proper health care and providing fair conditions for caregivers to work under. Furthermore, he has four exits: triviago, StudiVZ, doctape, and Besser Betreut on the Crunchbase website. This angel investor invested in other companies such as Meine Erde, xolo, PowerUs, ecoworks, and so on.

Kai Hansen

‘I launched my first tech startup at university in 2006 when few people even knew how to spell entrepreneurship.’

Kai Hansen is a successful businessman, angel investor, and Rheingau Founders’ Founding partner, from Berlin. During his last year at university, he founded his first startup, sportme, a social platform for sportspersons. So far, he has individually invested 32 times and been involved in over 20 companies. He is interested in investing in software, commerce, and shopping. His funding rounds are: pre-seed, seed, and series A and the countries where he has done investments so far are Germany, Poland, and France. His latest investment was in Cylib, a startup that offers innovative and sustainable technology for lithium-ion battery recycling. He has two exits: simplesurance and realxdata on Crunchbase’s profile. Cylib, Lumiform, Go Tiger, ExpressSteuer, Lollipop, VYTAL, Booksy, and Superchat are some of the companies he invested in.

Verena Pausder

 ‘In July 2022, I took over the women’s team of FC Viktoria Berlin together with 5 co-founders. Within five years, the team aims to reach the 1st Bundesliga and change women’s football in Germany for the better.’

Verena Pausder is the famous face of the startup scene in Germany. She was born on 12th February 1979 in Hamburg. Not only is she an entrepreneur and an angel investor, but she is also an expert in digital education, author, and founder of Fox & Sheep and the HABA digital workshops. She focuses on investing in education, gaming, and software at pre-seed, seed, and funding rounds. The companies in which she has invested up to now are in Germany and the United States. She made 11 investments in the previous year and the total investment number is 18. 

Her most recent investment was in a food delivery company, Circus, at the Seed phase. This company deals with finding solutions in food delivery. She has one exit on the Crunchbase site, and this is Kitchen Stories. This angel investor has also funded, RIDE Capital, simple club, Nelly,, Perfeggt, and many other companies.

Felix Jahn

‘I funded the company that tries to reduce costs, save energy and protect the climate.’

Felix Jahn is a businessman, an angel investor, and CEO of McMakler in Berlin. He is passionate about investing in software and IT. He makes investments in startups during their early stage, funding, and series A rounds. Furthermore, he has invested four times in the last 12 months and a total of 21 times, and the companies he invested in are located in Germany and the United States. 

In 2023, he funded 42 Watt at the seed round. This company focuses on reducing costs, saving energy, and protecting the environment.  He has six exits, Tillhub, StyleLounge, Flexcavo, Homebell, and AUTO1 Group on his Crunchbase profile. Some of the companies invested by Felix Jahn are Surfboard, Valuecase, Chefcoco, Flexcavo, Lhotse, GetSteps, EqualTo, and many more.

A Tip From an Angel Investor and CEO of EWOR

Daniel Dippold is the CEO of EWOR and an angel investor. So far he has built five companies: Emoti, Unlimitix, NEWNOW, Sigma Squared Society, and EWOR, and has made 14 angel investments in tech companies. Recently, he invested in Magic, a startup trying to build aligned and complete AI to accelerate humanity’s progress on the world’s most important problems.

He shared what he expects from you to have prepared for your meeting. Firstly, you should draw up the full pitch deck and prepare the answers to all possible questions. If your startup is at the seed or later stage, you should provide the financial model and include your expectations and unit economics. Last but not least, you should write the list of lead investors and LinkedIn profiles of the company’s founders and important employees.

The Role of Angel Investors

In summary, angel investors are high-net-worth individuals who provide capital (usually their own) to startups and early-stage companies in exchange for equity ownership. They also offer support, such as mentorship and industry connections. There are many angel investors, but this list shows the five best angel investors in Germany according to the number of their investments and the number of exits. Even though you are starting from zero, remember that these angel investors also started from that point. Nothing is impossible, but you have to thoroughly work on your pitch deck, financial model, and lead investors’ list. 

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