How To Start a Successful E-scooter Business? E-scooters are everywhere, and companies such as Lime, Bird, and Tier are among the first to pave the way for this new culture of E-scooters. So, what made these E-rollers special that most people are using them? 

As a carbon-free and effective transportation alternative for those who have to get around the city, E-scooters are a popular choice. 

With the number of users growing at an increased rate, we have prepared a guide on how you can get started with an Electric scooter business.

General Steps on How To Start a Successful E-scooter Business?

If you start an electric scooter business, you should keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages to this business. For instance, it is among the seasonal-based businesses, which will see more revenue in the summer than in winter.
Before you devote your time to pursuing this business opportunity, you should keep in mind these three general steps:

  1. Determining the Right Conditions for an E-Scooter Business

First, there are conditions behind embarking on an electric scooter business, among which, is the region. You should ask yourself if your region has a suitable road infrastructure, such as otherwise, you should re-think this business pursuit. 

Furthermore, such a business endeavour would be better based in regions where it does not rain or snow regularly because e-scooter riders are exposed to different kinds of weather. 

  1. Proceeding With Legalities

Second, you have to raise your hand before you speak. That is to say, you have to reach out to local authorities to get the necessary permissions, such as zones where you can locate your business and speed limits. Additionally, time is money.   Keep in mind, that business registrations might take you up to 3 months, depending on where you live.

  1. Putting Together Your Product to Start a Successful E-scooter Business?

Creating an attractive e-scooter design will take some time, on top of an easy-to-use software system. It will require time to create an attractive design and a software system that is easy to use. 

Additionally, ordering the parts needed for the e-scooter and integrating the software once it is developed also needs time. Not to mention, there are also deployment times to consider.

For these reasons, you need to find qualified developers, designers, and marketers. Yes, it may seem easy in the beginning, but sometimes it is not. Therefore, you need perseverance and determination to overcome obstacles. 

 Business Location

Setting up a business depends on your budget. If you have a large budget, then you can set up your business in many different places.

However, in case you have a limited budget and need to grow your business out of that small budget, you should target a tourist place. This way, you will not have to look for users, instead, the users will come to you. Marketers refer to this as paid traffic versus organic traffic, where the former costs money and the latter is free. Setting up your e-scooter business in the right location ultimately means more users and therefore more income. This is necessary to offset the costs of:

  • Regular maintenance
  • Insurance for the riders and the company itself
  • Employees
  • Marketing
  • Software updates
  • Your own living expenses such as food and rent.

Market Analysis

You should be able to compete with other companies when it comes to virtual reality, which starts with marketing. There are a lot of marketing strategies, from digital to non-digital, following these strategies will strengthen your business. 

Another part of market analysis is studying how many users are there, and the customer demand. Today, people are accustomed to advanced technology and less hard work.

Competitor Analysis

Do you want to hear a secret? Of course, you want to. The term competitor here could mean friend. Sometimes you should think of building partnership, it may seem weak to those who have unconscious megalomaniac impulses. However, It will expand the horizons of your business. You will be able to meet business people who had experience before you.

Therefore, understand your competitor and try to make a partnership if that was possible for you. In case you cannot do so, make a first-mover advantage, try to add something to your project, this will be discussed in the ultimate rule section.

Is It Worth It?

Here is an approximate budget based on costs in Germany: 

Now that you know some of the pillars behind founding a business, With this new knowledge and new perspective in mind, you might realise that this business model is a new niche, and new industrial revolution for our future, particularly since it has various advantages for the environment. Also, it might be the best chance to start working on it for those who do not have such service provided in their country. Otherwise, someone is going to inaugurate it sooner or later.

Ultimate Rule To Start a Successful E-scooter Business?

Finally, what make businesses keep ahead is adding other advantages to their business over other competitors. You don’t have to be special or unique to make a successful business, all you have to do is to do what others do, on the condition that you add more value or advantage to your project, just as mentioned before. For example, if other businesses are selling their service without bundle deals, you can seize the chance and attract your traffic through going beyond what your competitors are offering in the market.


To sum up, the first steps are always challenging. Still, they are not impossible. E-scooters are a new experience that you should not miss if you are an opportunist. If you are motivated enough, you will find success in your e-scooter business.

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