A Guide For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Reach A Bigger Audience with Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing set a new norm when it comes to digital marketing. What started as a site to connect people grew to a billion-dollar business with billions of daily users.

Businesses want to be seen, so the next logical step was to expand the platform into a marketing hub with the given user base

“Social media is not only more cost-effective than advertising, but it also offers great opportunities for innovative engagement with your customers.” – Richard Branson

With Facebook Messenger, Facebook Video, Instagram, and WhatsApp under one roof, the options to spread information fast are limitless. Marketing a product the right way with the help of all these channels can change your business overnight. For more information, we have a blog on the basics of social media marketing.

Why not profit from it when the tools are directly in front of you?

In this article, you will learn why Facebook Marketing is a necessary inclusion to your portfolio as an entrepreneur, and how you can use it to make the most of it.

How Did Facebook Change Marketing?

Long gone are the days when you had to pay a marketing agency to film a video about your product. Facebook Marketing made it possible for smaller businesses to play in the big leagues. 

Before, giants like Nike just bought ad space in Time square to show their new products. As a beginning entrepreneur, you most likely don’t have this kind of money to spend. 

Now, you just need internet access, a Facebook account, and the knowledge on how to make yourself known. 

Receiving And Using Data Is Key

Do you consent to the cookies on this webpage? A simple confirmation to this question opens up to a collection of data you can use for finding the best spot to place your ad, the right words to use, or the length of your video. Consumer behaviour helps you see how and when people act when it comes to marketing. You could argue that this is some sort of cheat tool, that makes things too transparent, but this is how companies know when to pivot and when to go all in. You can target your ads directly to your customers with the information you gathered.

Videos Work Wonders When It Comes To Attention Spans

Time is money. The internet gives you access to everything you want, but it doesn’t stop there. There is too much information to consume, so you need to get your message through quickly, or risk losing a potential customer. 

Looking at a wall of text isn’t helpful, and that is why Facebook Marketing is mostly done in video form. It is fast, straight to the point and, if done right, visually pleasing, which in return makes people more interested in your product and more likely to buy them.

How Do I Start Facebook Marketing?

To get started using Facebook as a marketing tool, you need to understand what this platform offers you and how you can make the most of it. Just putting down a small text or video won’t do it. 

Here are some tips to follow:

Know What You Want to Achieve with Your Ad Campaign

Having a goal, a metric you want to see after a certain amount of time has passed, helps you check your progress towards reaching it. If things don’t pan out like you want them to, recalibrate by using the data you collected. 

Do you want to get more views on your homepage, or do you want to grow a following on Facebook? Depending on the answer, your content needs to change.

How Often do You Post on Facebook?

There is a fine line when it comes to posting new content on your platform. Facebook Marketing is a delicate beast that requires your attention and know-how. Spamming new videos about the same product on a daily basis will scare away future followers, while posting once a month will hinder any progress. With smartphones, you can watch your Facebook page many times a day from anywhere.

Judging by the data, social media users grew exponentially over the last decade with no end in sight. Missing an opportunity to catch their attention with regular posts is directly connected to failing Facebook Marketing numbers.

Who is the Face of the Business?

Influencers have a following behind them. Their viewers want to know what they have to say, where their interests lie. At the start of your journey, you most likely won’t have thousands of followers. It would help your channel grow, if with each video you didn’t change the person in front of the camera. Instead, let your potential customers build a connection between the presenter and themselves. 

Make Your Existence Known 

Marketing and promotion go hand in hand. Getting started on Facebook Marketing requires you to promote as often as possible to get the word out. How else will people know who you are and what you do?

Use social media to link to your Facebook page. The same works on business cards and letterheads. Every pair of eyes seeing your links is a potential customer.

Is Facebook Marketing Effective?

Facebook Marketing can be very effective in the right hands. Why is that?

With billions of daily active users, the Facebook landscape is an ideal place for companies to market their product to potential customers. However, finding the right time and message to get recognised is difficult to measure. Sometimes going viral just happens, like it did for the video Charlie bit my finger, which was later sold as an NFT for $760,000. Another example of hitting gold is Rebecca Black, who posted a video of her singing on Facebook and YouTube. After only a few days, she got millions of views and made a career out of it.

As for companies, SofaLush went viral on Facebook with a creative video and soon after on YouTube as well. With a conversion rate of over 9% (which is higher than on Google), millions of eyes equate to a significant increase in sales. Investing time and thought in Facebook Marketing should be on the radar for entrepreneurs, who don’t have a following yet.

What Content Works Best On Facebook?

Finding out what content works best for your Facebook Marketing can be a rigorous journey on its own. However, completing said journey will help you to connect to your customers & consumers better, because you listened to what they wanted to see. Depending on your product and who you want to reach, choosing the right content is key.

“Selling to people who actually want to hear you is more effective than interrupting strangers that don’t. “

Seth Godin

Facebook Marketing is evolving and so is its content. To simplify things, we’ll only go into detail for two content types.

Create A Story Behind Your Product

What is the message behind your product? How did it come to be?

Don’t shy away from getting personal with your audience, especially if your product has a story to tell. Giving background information on why you started this endeavour, why you made this kind of product, can create personal bonds with your readers. 

This kind of content is great for companies that just started or are still quite small. Show them what you made on your own, what problems you had to tackle to get here. Link to your other social media platforms to keep them updated on your journey and engaged in new products.

Facebook Marketing with Photos and Videos

With unlimited access to content on the internet, you need to grab the attention span of potential customers immediately. There is a time for reading a text, like a story, it could be when you are stuck on a train for example, and there is also a time to sit back and enjoy the information you receive by just watching.

Lets say, you just finished your new type of frosting, which is ready to sell, and baked some cookies. What better way to show your audience the result than posting a photo of it. A small description of what they’re looking at, connecting them via a link to your product, can be enough to grab their attention.

If a photo doesn’t suffice to show what your product can do, creating a video will do the trick. When we stick to the idea of baking, showing and explaining every step with visual aid and some music can do great, as you can see here. Furthermore, having the skills to create and edit video content will be highly beneficial down the road. When you are a one-person-show, not outsourcing your video content will save a lot of money.

To conclude, Facebook Marketing is a fantastic tool to reach people, if you did your research beforehand. With its immense user base, there are millions of eyes who potentially could be customers you want to sell. Getting started will be difficult, however, we can help you there.

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