If someone emailed you asking for a description of your business, would you be able to give them a brief but accurate explanation? Better yet, would it leave them interested in what you have to offer? 

If you’re not sure where to start with answering these questions, don’t worry, we have just what you need: one pagers. Having these short and sweet write-ups about your company will ensure you leave a positive impression on your target audience. So, where do you begin and how do you write the best one pager? Read on to find out!

What Exactly Are One Pagers and Do I Need One?

 One pagers are single sheets that summarise your business in an effective pitch. They are very similar to elevator pitches but are written instead of spoken.

As with elevator pitches, the goal is to give a brief overview of your company that’s accurate but short enough to leave your audience wanting to learn more.

If you’re wondering whether a good one pager is essential, the answer is a definite yes. Many potential customers have short attention spans and are not interested in pages upon pages of information. They want something short and to the point – which is exactly what one pagers are. 

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Tips for Writing the Best One Pagers

So, now you know what one pagers are and why they are important for your company,but, what exactly should it include? Likewise, what separates good one pagers from the best one pagers?

Every one pager looks different, and it’s up to you to decide how to pitch your company most effectively. However, there are a few elements that the best one pagers usually include: 

It is important to clearly identify your company within this sheet. As such, your company name and logo should appear at the top. 

Best One Pager Tip: Although it’s crucial to make your company name and logo pronounced, these elements should not take up too much space. After all, you only have one page. 

A Gap in the Market

Next, you should include which gap in the market your product or service addresses. This will act as a sort of headline for the entire sheet. Without it, readers might be unsure why your company is useful to them. 

Best One Pager Tip: As the headline for your one pager, this should be written in a way that grabs your reader’s attention. For example, let’s say you have an IT repair company.

Instead of saying, “We Fix Your IT Needs,” you could say, “Tired of Phone Fiascos and Computer Catastrophes?” Your gap in the market should leave your reader nodding yes.  


Now that you’ve presented the problem, it’s time to offer your solution. This is where you give your reader the answer to their troubles: your company.  This part should be a few sentences that give your reader hope that you can solve the problem you brought up in the headline

Best One Pager Tip: Prove that your solution is the best option.. 

For example, our IT company might say, “We are a team of trained experts that have worked in the industry for over 15 years. We’ve seen it all: computer viruses, cracked screens, connectivity issues, and so much more. No matter your tech problem, we are here to find a solution. And, with our 5-star Yelp rating, our customers agree that we are the best around!”


Now that you have laid out the problem and solution, you should describe a little more about why customers should choose your company over others. What features does your company have that sets it apart from everyone else? This part should include not only what your features are, but why they are important. 

Best One Pager Tip: Each feature should have a follow-up that explains what that means for the customer. For example, our IT company could list features like: 

  • Advanced Training

All of our experts take pride in their years of IT training. This means you are always guaranteed to get the most qualified individual for the job. 

  • After Hours Helpline

Tech disasters don’t operate on a 9-5 schedule, so we don’t either. We are available in the early morning and late evening for over-the-phone troubleshooting, meaning you can talk directly to our experts right when you need. 

Other benefits might include saving time, money, or high-quality results.

Call to Action 

This is a small but crucial part of your one pager. By now, your customer knows who you are, what you do, and why they should choose you. You should solidify this by giving your customer a call to action, such as “Call Now for a Free Consultation!” or “Start Saving Your Time and Money Today!” 

Best One Pager Tip: Your call to action should start with a command verb, such as those mentioned above. Other examples include, “Buy,” “Download,” or “Find Out How…” 

Calls to action should also include a reason why the customer has to take this action. In the above examples, the customer is encouraged to reach out to you. They get something for it, like a free consultation or more time and money. 

Finally, you should end your call to action with an exclamation point. This gives it a little extra energy and urgency. 

Contact Information

As your one pager comes to an end, make sure your potential customers know how to reach you. The contact section should include your business’s physical address, email address, phone number, social media sites, and any other ways that your customers can contact you. 

Best One Pager Tip: If your one pager is online, you should consider embedding links in your contact information. This way, your customers can directly click to email or call you. You can even do this for your physical address, linking to redirect customers to Google or Apple Maps. 

For physical one pagers, you can also use technology to make your contact information pop. For example, consider adding a QR code to your page to make it easy for your customers to link up with you on social media. 

Best One Pagers: What to Avoid

As mentioned, it is totally up to you to decide the best way to pitch your company. However, there are a few things that you should typically avoid when writing your one pager. 

Giving a Company History 

It’s important to let your customer know who you are. However, a one pager is different from a company biography or an “About Us” webpage. Remember, the one pager is a pitch. Therefore, you should focus on your company being the solution to your customer’s problem, not giving a detailed company history. 

Giving Too Much Information 

One pagers are short, and cramming information within this small space can be overwhelming for readers. Try not to give too many numbers or data, and focus instead on why you are the best for the job. Your one pager should leave the potential customer interested, with just enough information to take the call to action. 

What Tools Can I Use to Make my One Pager?

There are plenty of tools available for making these sheets, but here are our top picks:

  • EWOR’s Platform offers over 300 resources to turn your idea into a successful start-up – this includes writing the ultimate one pager.
    Visme has a plethora of different business templates, including many for creating one pagers. 
  • Xtensio is an easy-to-use platform which gives you a customizable one pager template and guides you through the process of creating one. 
  • SmartSheet also offers one pager templates which can be downloaded directly into Microsoft Word. 

That’s a Wrap on the Best One Pagers

One pagers are a fantastic way to pitch your business. They are short, give just the right amount of detail, and if you do it right, they will leave your reader wanting more. Try out the tips in this article to write your best one pager yet. 

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