Being a happy entrepreneur is a dream shared by many people. There are people who want to be entrepreneurs with a smile on their faces, just like the one on Elon Musk’s face.

But as a result of owning and running their own businesses, entrepreneurs may have a higher rate of failure, longer work weeks, lower wages, and more stress.

This article will talk about why entrepreneurs choose to work for themselves and if there are truly happy entrepreneurs.

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Why Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurs decide to start their own businesses because they want to be their own bosses. It offers them freedom, satisfaction, and flexibility. Being able to set your own schedule gives you freedom. As an entrepreneur, you’ll get the satisfaction of making your own decisions, and this is the reason for happiness for a lot of people.

Entrepreneurs face many risks, such as bankruptcy, competitive risks, reputational risks, and economic risks. However, according to a ScienceDirect study, entrepreneurs find their work more meaningful when they own the business. As a result, they feel more content.

Are Entrepreneurs Truly Happy?

Entrepreneurs’ sole purpose in starting their businesses is to be their own bosses. The Pew Research Centre data revealed that those who own their business are more satisfied than employees.

Entrepreneurs’ passion is a double-edged sword: it gives them a sense of purpose and autonomy, but it can also lead to worry, late nights, overwork, and stress. The issues that make entrepreneurs happy can also cause stress.

Here are the reasons there are happy entrepreneurs as well as unhappy ones:

Not Worrying About Work Hours

Entrepreneurs’ work hours aren’t fixed. Their work schedule isn’t constrained by fixed work hours. Entrepreneurs’ happiness isn’t dependent on the number of hours they have clocked in. Even those who work an occasional weekend reported satisfaction. The key for many is working productive hours.

However, if you’re the sole source of ideas, marketing, sales, etc. in your business; it’ll consume much of your time. When you’re in charge of your business, you tend to invest more time in it. Due to such a workload, you may feel overwhelmed and experience burnout.

Unlimited Income

When you run your business, you decide your income. You don’t work for any company, and you’re not a salaried employee. If the business is a success, profit can be shared. The cash flow for your business relies on the income from the sales of your products or services. It can cause stress when clients fail to pay their invoices on time. Being a happy entrepreneur is like a roller coaster. There are ups and downs in profit. You can’t predict if the business will succeed. You could make millions, or you could make nothing at all.

Being Your Own Boss

When you are an entrepreneur, you can make all the major decisions for your business. You don’t have to work for anyone. It gives you a chance to practice leadership skills.

However, being a decision-maker causes stress. It also causes sleep deprivation and burnout, which have a detrimental effect on your thought process.  It can hurt your business in the long run.

Meeting Like-minded People

When you start a business, you work with people and create connections. Some happy entrepreneurs share the same business goals and ideas. Connections can push you to become a very successful business person. There are also plenty of opportunities to connect with mentors and interact with various industry leaders.

You won’t always meet new people. You also have to compete with your competitors. To protect your business, you need to remain vigilant. There will be competitors who will steal your business products and designs to market them as their own. Legal costs will be involved to protect your intellectual and proprietary rights.

Economic Development

Entrepreneurs play a significant role in improving a country’s economy. In addition to investing their funds, they also influence market capital. Entrepreneurs also hire employees, which helps with a country’s unemployment rate. Such job creation contributes to a country’s economic development.

However, entrepreneurs have to face inflation stress. According to a survey, 22% of small business owners say that inflation is a problem. Moreover, in 2022, 47% of owners reported difficulty finding employees.

Positive Impact on Health

As entrepreneurs are not confined to fixed working hours, they can provide time for their families. It impacts positively on their physical and mental health. 

A study by the Pew Research Centre claims that 83% of entrepreneurs are very satisfied with their relationships with their families. It is notably higher than the satisfaction level reported by employees who are working for companies. It contributes to a high quality of life.

Entrepreneurs face a high level of stress due to their increased responsibilities. You’re responsible for your company’s finances, legal affairs, and sales. Consequently, you can no longer request a sick day and expect business to run as usual. Burnout, stress, and illness are common challenges entrepreneurs face. It may have a detrimental effect on your health.

Following Your Passion

Some of the most exciting and dynamic workplaces are startups. Things are always changing, and it won’t make your work boring. Your business will prosper when you compete with other businesses and aim to offer your consumers the highest quality of service. You create a successful business out of something you’re truly passionate about.

Nevertheless, many startups also fail within the first year. There could be changes in the market, or you may not find enough clients. This could lead to bankruptcy, legal action, and several other unforeseen circumstances. It could cause any entrepreneur a great deal of emotional and physical stress. So, in this sense, there will be no more happy entrepreneurs.

Strive for Constant Growth and Development

When you’re an entrepreneur, it makes you brave. You take risks and believe in yourself. Entrepreneurs strive for constant development to solve problems. They stay positive, think creatively, and improve other entrepreneurial skills.

When you strive for perfection, it will consequently hamper your work-life balance.


It’s uncertain whether entrepreneurs are happy or unhappy. In general, it’s said entrepreneurs are happy at work but not so content in their personal lives due to the increased workload of running a business. This is why it’s critical to keep in mind that, when you’re planning a new venture, you also consider how it’ll affect your life as a whole.

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