Starting a business venture can be overwhelming. There is so much to manage, from planning your business model tracking your expenses, to choosing your vendors, and so much more. Being an entrepreneur is exciting, but also requires preparation.

One of the best ways to prepare for the challenges of entrepreneurship is to take a business course. Business courses will teach you the basics that you need to know for starting your entrepreneurial venture. 

At the same time, finding the right course for yourself can be another overwhelming task. There are so many options out there, and it can be difficult to decide which suits you best. Luckily for you, we compiled a list of our picks for the best business courses.

Read on to discover why business courses are important, what they teach you, and our list of the best ones available. 

Do I Need to Take a Business Course? 

You may be wondering if taking a business course is even necessary. Many entrepreneurs have succeeded without formal education, and it is possible to build a business and learn from your mistakes as you go. 

However, it is always better to be prepared than to be blind sided. While mistakes are inevitable, the goal should be to avoid them before they happen, rather than reacting to them once they do. A business course will teach you the fundamentals of business, helping you to avoid common mistakes and preparing you for the challenges of entrepreneurship. 

While it is not strictly necessary for entrepreneurs to take a business course, the knowledge they provide gives you a better understanding of the world of business. They also prepare you to avoid common entrepreneurial mistakes. 

In short, formal education is not a requirement for entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, taking a business course can greatly improve your business’s chances of success. 

What Hard Skills do Business Courses Teach You? 

You may also be wondering what exactly you can expect to learn in a business course. This can vary greatly: there are countless course options, and each has a different focus, priority, and specialisation. 

However, there are a few fundamental hard skills that you can expect to learn in most business courses. 


The majority of courses will have modules on business management. These typically include learning about different structures and styles of leadership, communication methods, business strategy, and much more. 


Marketing is another vital topic in most business courses. These modules usually focus on evaluating the market for your product, finding your niche, positioning your product or service accordingly, and other marketing fundamentals. 


Another basic business skill you can expect to learn in most courses is accounting. Accounting modules will teach you how to evaluate the financial health of your business, including tracking income, expenses, and equity, increasing assets, decreasing liabilities, and much more. 

What Soft Skills do Business Courses Teach You? 

Beyond hard skills, there are also a number of important soft skills that you learn from business courses. 


Business is built on connections, and taking a business course can help you develop them. Business courses will often introduce you to other entrepreneurs, whether they’re your teachers or classmates. You never know how these connections might help you in the future!

Critical Thinking 

Business courses also help to foster your critical thinking skills. These classes teach you how to make effective business decisions by developing your ability to think critically about the decision-making process. 


Another important soft skill you can learn from business courses is problem-solving. Many business courses will provide you with a problem-solving model which can be used in most situations. These models allow you to analyse both the problem and potential solutions, finding the pros and cons of each one. 

What are the Best Business Courses? 

Now we know why business courses are important and what they teach you. But what are the best ones to take? 

Before getting into our list, it’s important to note here that you can choose between two different paths for business courses. You can either pursue a formal degree from a college or university or take private business classes from other organisations. 

If you’re thinking about obtaining your MBA from an accredited college or university, check out the Top 5 Best Business Colleges in the World. You may also want to consider the advantages of an online MBA programme.

However, while an MBA from an accredited college or university is a great choice for business education, it is not the only one. Business courses from private organisations can be a more cost-effective, efficient, and personalised option for entrepreneurs. 

Below are our top picks for the best business courses. 


Our own business courses are a blend of a master’s degree and an acceleration programme, with content and coaching from successful entrepreneurs. Through your peers and coaches, EWOR programmes will also introduce you to a network of world-class entrepreneurs, unicorn founders, and start-up investors. 

EWOR offers three different programme types:

  • EWOR Fellowship Programme:  

Aimed towards those who want to learn business basics from scratch. This programme guides you from problem to idea to successful business in 10 months. 

  • EWOR Academy: 

This is more of a fast-track programme, taking only 6 months to complete. It is geared towards those that may already have some knowledge of business, or simply want to learn the basics of entrepreneurship in the quickest way possible. 

  • EWOR platform:

A self-paced collection of business modules. The platform includes over 19 courses, covering topics such as business modelling, prototyping, and customer discovery. The EWOR Platform also grants you access to over 300 resources, like pitch decks and investor term sheets, to help you start your business ventures.

Whether you are completely new to the business world or ready to start your own venture, EWOR has the courses and resources you need to succeed. 

American Management Association 

The business courses offered by the American Management Association have a few different specialisation focuses. Students can choose from Business Fundamentals, Achieving Success as a Business Professional, Workplace Communication Training, and more. 

These courses are relatively short, with programmes comprised of anywhere from 5 to 11 lessons.  Within the classes, you can learn lessons such as, “Becoming a Strategic Thinker”, “Building and Maintaining Trust”, and “Accounting 101”. 

These courses provide valuable information, but are quite specialised and short. Therefore, they may be better suited towards those who already have a grasp on the basics of entrepreneurship and are now seeking to expand their knowledge in specific areas. 

University of Virginia

Although offered by the University of Virginia, you do not need to be a student there to take advantage of their Foundations of Business Strategy class. This course takes you back to the basics of business, teaching you how to build a successful business strategy. 

This course takes about 9 hours to complete and is geared towards beginners with little to no business background. It provides a comprehensive overview of the basics of business strategy, but does not go beyond fundamentals nor into any specialisations. 


Google also offers workshops for business owners. At only three hours long, they do not provide a complete business education. However, they are helpful tools for entrepreneurs looking to brush up or further improve their skills. These workshops cover topics such as customer engagement, sales generation, and content marketing. 

Meta Blueprint

Meta, previously Facebook, also offers business courses online. These courses are focused on how to successfully market your business on social media, with lessons concerning finding your target market, creating a content calendar, and understanding the social media landscape. 

These courses are particularly helpful for marketing on social media applications owned by Meta (namely Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp), providing guides for successful advertising and brand building on those sites. 

The Wrap-Up 

If you’re looking to expand your business knowledge and prepare for entrepreneurship, business courses are a wise choice. They teach you the basics and some go deeper into a certain specialisation. Aside from that, they offer a chance to network and think critically.

Choosing the right business course depends on your existing knowledge and goals, but the above list gives our top picks for the best business courses. 

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