As one of the largest economies in the world, Germany welcomes innovative business ideas. The German government is open to all kinds of businesses. It offers the right economic, technological, and political environment any business needs to thrive. It facilitates the process for entrepreneurs who want to launch their companies, supports the creation of startups, and funds research institutions.

There are many business opportunities in Germany. Here is a list of some business ideas you can start in Germany that can be lucrative.

Career Counselling

Many students choose an academic career without having a clear idea of its outcome or the professional opportunities that their studies offer them. Therefore, they get confused about how to find the right career path. 

In this case, starting a career counselling business is beneficial for both parties: you, as an entrepreneur, and the students. You can start an online business or set up a counselling centre.

Your business shouldn’t be limited to students. Expand it to involve clients of all ages: from graduate students who don’t know how to land their dream job, to older people looking for a career change.

You’ll need a website and a marketing strategy to attract more clients.

Online Marketing and Advertising

Businesses are now aware of the power of online marketing to increase the number of their customers exponentially. This is your opening to start a marketing and advertising agency. Your services could include creating marketing strategies, the use of social media to promote their services, designing websites, and search engine optimisation writing.

Freelance Writing

If you’re passionate about writing and want to make an income from it, freelance writing is the way to go. As they became aware of the importance of online marketing, companies have now adopted blogging to attract more clients and reach larger audiences.

Build an interesting resume and create a website to advertise your services. Don’t hesitate to approach companies and offer your services. It’s important to maintain good relations with your employers, as they may hire you again or recommend your services.  

Educational Platforms or Centres

Education is key to guaranteeing a better future. You can enhance that by launching an educational enterprise, fully or partially online. You can offer language courses or other subjects that are in demand. Provide accredited courses and certifications led by experts.

Home tutoring is very common in Germany. A good business idea is to create a platform where parents can match with tutors for their children.

EWOR is an example of these rising educational platforms. It offers several programs and courses designed by professionals, professors, and entrepreneurs to empower entrepreneurs in their businesses. Participants study at their own pace. They learn about the main areas of starting a business. It includes fundraising, approaching investors, and building a long-lasting organisation.

EWOR is slowly but surely making progress in the entrepreneurial field. It has helped to build several successful startups that you can check on our website.

Eco-Friendly and Recycling Services

Recycling is not just a trend. It’s a way to save mother earth and embrace the Greta Thunberg in us. If you want to make a change and take an environmental turn for your entrepreneurial path, start a recycling business where you creatively turn thrown or unwanted items into useful products and resell them.

A worth mentioning example of an eco-friendly social enterprise is bikuh. By using the app, cyclists are motivated to use their bikes as they earn money for every kilometre. Bikuh aims to protect the environment by decreasing CO2 emissions resulting from cars. It connects cyclists and advertising partners, making cycling profitable and advertising climate-friendly.

If you bike at least 100 kilometres per month, you can register and get a selection of advertising partners. Then, you’ll have a disc with advertising installed on the front wheel. The app records your travels. The more you cycle, the more you earn.

Integration Businesses

Refugees and migrants constitute a significant percentage of the population in Germany. One social entrepreneurship idea is to launch a business to integrate them and help them adjust and adapt to their new lives.

Establish plans to incorporate them into the labour market. Implement social programmes to provide them with professional assistance and advice. Organise workshops to teach them fundamental skills. This will help them find jobs and earn money as soon as possible.

Help those who already have a degree find a job related to their qualifications. Plan sessions to prepare them for job interviews, how to write a resume and motivation letter, and provide expert advice.

Learning the German language is imperative. Offer language courses, so they can easily integrate into the community.

Provide them with mental health care and connect them with professionals if needed. Leaving one’s country is emotionally dreading for some people and can be traumatic. Build a safe space for those to express their feelings, and offer them help.

An example of these businesses is “R3SOLUTE”. It’s a Berlin-based non-profit organisation founded by international law expert Helen Winter. The start-up focuses on helping refugees to overcome their psychological traumas and teaching them how to resolve conflicts and take on responsibility.


Starting a business in Germany is very tempting because of the advantages and the facilities the government provides. We hope our list of business ideas was helpful and inspired you to launch your own. 

About the author

EWOR is a school conceived by Europe’s top professors, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders. We educate and mentor young innovators to launch successful businesses.

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