Do you want to start your own business, but do not have ‘enough’ money? Or maybe, you have an extra $10k, but you don’t know how to use it. No problem! In either case, there are businesses you can take up.

To do so, you need a solid business idea. When you find a profitable idea, you can invest in several businesses without having a big amount of money. You can start some businesses from home. Others can be part-time. There are even some businesses you can take up with limited competency.

If you need business ideas with a low budget, keep reading. This article will provide you with the 8 best businesses that you can start with $10k.

Résumé Writing

When you look for a job, you need to make sure that your résumé shows why you are the perfect candidate. Explaining your skills and experiences is difficult work. There are several tools to create effective résumés. However, Résumé writing services are in high demand.

If you are good at playing with the words and have a background in human resources or administration, this is an opportunity for you. This business does not require much. You can start writing from home, on a part-time basis. Later, you can expand your service and start writing cover letters, and assisting LinkedIn profiles. This business can be made with less than a $10k investment.

Business Planning

Many new business owners don’t hold a plan. Lots of big or small businesses take their part in the market without a proper business plan. This means you can give business planning services. This business requires experience in business planning. Additionally, you should be able to conduct relevant research and deal with numbers.

One way to promote your business is to attend networking meetings. Make sure you have a portfolio of sample plans. Tell people why a business needs a plan and why you provide this service. Show them your portfolio. It is not only the new businesses you work with. You can also improve the plans of existing businesses.


Copywriting is another business idea if you have a talent to write in a concise form that excites and motivates the readers. Copywriters make copies or create texts for websites, and prepare online or printed advertising materials, and TV commercials.

This service is in high demand because most business owners or managers do not have the required skills or time for copywriting. You can start this business by making connections with graphic designers, editors, and advertising agencies. Besides, it doesn’t require a big investment. Start with your own equipment at home. It will cost you under $10k.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consultant

Having a website to attract customers is not enough these days. You need to make sure your website ranks high on search engines. SEO consultants provide this service for business owners. Their goal is similar to marketing consultants, but they focus on SEO and advertising on Google and other websites.

SEO consultancy is a business to start with $10k, and it requires a background in digital marketing. If you are interested in this field, you can start immediately. First, work with free tools, then build from there.

Image Consultant

Did you know you can consult people on what to wear, or how to behave? Image consultants help their clients improve their image and personality. When the clients have a better image, they can make a good impression on others, or they can get a better job. The clients are generally business owners, politicians, celebrities, and so on. Your tasks as an image consultant are: 

  • Consulting on wardrobe
  • Business and social etiquette training
  • Assisting better communication skills

Of course, you need to have good communication skills, too. Are you interested in this business? Then, start networking to attract potential clients. Do not forget to connect with fashion designers, hair and make-up designers, and public relations consultants. 

Green Business Consultant

Many businesses are adapting to greener business models these days. This change can be complicated for business owners, and they might need assistance. For small businesses, small steps might suffice. However, bigger businesses face more complex issues. This is where you step in. You can become a green business consultant and make money out of it. Although, this service requires training. With several training programmes and certifications, you can become one of them.

To promote your business, you need to join several organisations such as the Chamber of Commerce. You can also advertise your service in different media. Find local businesses and explain how you can help them convert to becoming greener.

App Developer

Here is another business to start with $10k, or even less. According to the statistics of the German company Statista, 6 billion people use smartphones in the world. Every day, hundreds of apps are developed. You can easily become an app developer and make money. This business doesn’t require perfect coding skills. All you need is a background in web or software development. Then, it is easy to learn to code for iOS and Android. 

You can make money by selling your app for a low price, with in-app purchases. Or, you can make it free and support with advertising. The downside of this business, your app may get lost among thousands of others. Make sure you have a good marketing plan, and effective SEO. 

Meal Prep Service 

Have you ever felt too lazy to cook? People who work long hours could use extra help with home-cooked food. Or, people with special diets might need assistance with their menus. There is a high demand for home-cooked and organic food in the world. If you love cooking and are interested in creating menus, this business is for you. 

Start creating sample menus and market them. Offering delivery will promote your business. With time, you can even prepare meals for companies daily. This service may seem high in cost, but if you buy the products in bulk, you can manage it under $10k. 

The Bottom Line

Starting a business doesn’t always require large investments. There are certainly opportunities you can take with a small amount of money. We gathered some options for you in this article. Consider your budget and your interests. Come up with a business plan. Market your service smartly, and you will become a successful business owner without spending a fortune with one of these best businesses to start with $10k. 

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