Why set up with one of these small business ideas in Germany?

Well, for starters, Germany is the largest economy in Europe and ranked 4th on the Human Development Index (HDI). The HDI is a summary of measures of a country’s human development. It measures 3 different basic aspects of human development: health, knowledge, and the standard of living.

Your business will have a good customer base as a result of all these factors.  Whether it be with products or services. 

In this article, we will go through 5 small business ideas that you can set up in Germany. For more insights on how to get started as an entrepreneur, check out our platform, which offers over 17 courses and advice from experienced entrepreneurs themselves!

Getting Started

Before you set up a business in Germany, there is of course paperwork to fill out. You may be a little confused about what you might need. The site Make it in Germany has an article about how to start a business in Germany. 

But if you’re still in need of a business idea, check out these 5 below:


One of the great small business ideas in Germany is to open a café. Find a great location to start your café, to help bring people to your business. Cities may be a great start, as there are not only German citizens but tourists as well. You can serve different types of coffee and tea, as well as sweets and savoury snacks in your café. 

A lot of cafés today are on Facebook and Instagram. They upload photos of what is new in the café, the special of the day, and more. Doing this helps promote your café and bring in new and more customers. 


Bakeries are very prominent and well-known in Germany and are what a lot of people think about when they think of Germany.  This is well-loved by all with the different variations of bread, sweets, and cakes. 

You could also set up an online bakery where you get orders online and deliver them to the customer’s house. 

If you were to start an online bakery business, social media marketing is very important for your business. Knowing at least the basics of social media marketing will be very helpful when creating your online bakery.

English Tutor or Teacher

If you are fluent in English, you could become an English tutor. There is a high demand for English in Germany, and it is most often sought after. To be an English teacher, you will need a TEFL certificate, but you can become a teacher without having a university degree in Germany. Nonetheless, it is strongly recommended to have one. 

There are also online sites for tutoring and teaching not only English but other languages. The site Italki is one of the many sites where you can apply to be a teacher.

Pet Care or Services 

This can range from being a pet sitter, dog walker, or groomer. If you love animals, then this will be a perfect small business idea for you to do. You can start your own dog grooming services as long as you have some training or experience in dog grooming. There are courses you can find and do in Germany to help you gain grooming experiences. 

Petbacker is a website for both pet sitters, dog walkers, and more. Petbacker comes with 24/7 support and also has a royalty reward system. There is also a German version of the site, Petbacker.de

Nail or Beauty Salon

One of the small business ideas in Germany that you can run is Nail or Beauty Salon. There is a lot of competition in Germany with nail and beauty salons. To make your business stand out, find a great location to set up your business and create services that other salons don’t have. Near Supermarkets, shopping centres, or pedestrian zones are the best locations. You will find more customers in high pedestrian places. Although smaller areas are good too, you won’t get as many walk-in customers.

You can also set up your business from home. If you are living in a flat, you will need permission from your landlord before starting your business. 

Hygiene is number 1 in this business field. Not only for you, but especially for your customers. You must comply with the hygiene regulations in your state, as you will have random inspections from the health department. 

Building up your customer base and reputation is important. Create a social media profile to help advertise and market to clients. You can opt to add photos of clients’ nails (with given permission) or post new products. This can help reach new and recurring clients. 

Wrap Up on Small Business Ideas in Germany

Whatever small business you decide to start, make sure you have all the correct licences and documents. You will need to ensure both you and your business pay taxes. If you are looking for other ideas for business that you can set up in Germany, check out our blog post: A list of 6 business ideas you can start in Germany.

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