Running a business can sometimes be challenging and exhausting. But the most common reasons why people start their entrepreneurial paths are to have more time and freedom. Under stress, entrepreneurs can forget to enjoy their life. However, being a happy entrepreneur is not just great for your health, but also for the work environment and your employees.

In this article, you will learn the secrets to being a happy entrepreneur and how to achieve a healthy work-life balance. For more insights from experienced entrepreneurs, sign up for our EWOR Platform and gain access to over 17 courses and a plethora of resources.

  1. Create an Ideal Workplace and Environment

Having a workplace you want to return to is important for any person. Customise it and make it a pleasant environment to work in. For example, you can change your old chair to a new ergonomic one that will prevent back pain, or perhaps add some colour to the office to create a more cheerful atmosphere.

Being surrounded by a friendly and supportive team is also essential for your well-being. It promotes productivity and also reduces levels of stress. Check out Positive Leadership: A Game Changer in Entrepreneurship to learn the importance of a positive attitude and its effects on your workspace.

  1. Take Breaks

Sometimes you can get consumed by work and prioritise it over taking a break. Being an entrepreneur means being in charge of how you balance work and rest. Working hard is admirable, but everyone needs time to recharge and relax. 

Being well-rested can boost your creativity and productivity, promote a healthy work environment and make an entrepreneur happy.  Learning how to juggle work time and time off is important. Check out our article on How Good Time Management Can Help Improve Your Business.

  1. Prioritise Health

It is easy to overlook a headache or neck strain. But ignoring your body’s signals in the long run can harm your health. Taking a day off to relax or going to the doctor to check what’s bothering you can help you feel better and prevent burnout.

Don’t forget to schedule yearly doctor’s checkups and encourage your team to do the same. If someone on your team isn’t feeling well, allow that person to go home earlier. After all, health is the most important part of your life, and you should appreciate and value it.

  1. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

It’s easy to think that someone is more successful or has had more luck than you. But you never know what happens behind closed doors and what someone had to go through to get to the point in life they are at right now.

If comparison is something that motivates you, look how far you’ve come. What changed in your life over the last year, five years, or maybe 10 years? This will show your progress and accomplishments.

  1. Say “No”

Saying “no” is not easy. As an entrepreneur, you probably want the best for your company. That is why saying “no” to a specific task or offer can be challenging. Maybe someone offers you a partnership, but you feel like your company won’t benefit from it. Or perhaps someone asks for a raise, but you don’t have room in the budget. Refusing people can be difficult, but it is essential to establish boundaries and know what is good for your company and what is not.

Being an entrepreneur means being in charge of making life-changing decisions. Learning to say “no” and not feeling guilty about it is vital for you and your company. It is an integral part of becoming happy as an entrepreneur.

  1. Appreciate Others

According to Corporate Communication Experts, appreciation and gratitude go a long way, especially in the workplace. Helping and supporting each other is key to a strong team. That is why it’s important to take time to say “thank you” to your colleagues. Moreover, you can also show your gratitude and care for your friends and family.

In the workplace, you can always organise something nice for your team. It will boost the mood of your employees and promote productivity in the future.

  1. Spend Time With Your Friends and Family

Working long hours can make your life miserable, especially if you don’t get to see your friends and family. Find time to meet your loved ones after work or on the weekends. These are the people who support you and want you to succeed.

Try to book slots in your calendar for your friends and family, and don’t cancel plans with them for the sake of getting more things done. Spending quality time with people you care about can help you relax and connect with them.

  1. Delegate Tasks

As an entrepreneur, you probably want to do most of the tasks, just to ensure they are done properly. However, it just creates an unnecessary amount of extra work for you. 

Instead, try to find people you can trust and delegate tasks to them. Most likely, the tasks will be done much quicker when the team tackles them. Even if something is not up to your standards, making suggestions for improvements takes less time than doing something completely by yourself.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Make Mistakes

Mistakes are a part of the journey. They happen to every person, and the best way to react to them is to learn a lesson and never repeat the same mistake in the future.  As an entrepreneur, you need to build an entirely new company. Doing so is almost impossible without a few mistakes here and there. Don’t focus on them, let them go and learn from them. 

Check out our article, Watch Out for These Common Mistakes That Make Start-Ups Fail to avoid some mistakes. 

  1. Enjoy the Journey

Remember why you started your business. It was probably not to work over 100 hours per week and not see the light of day.  Going back to your motivation can help you stress less about work and spend more time enjoying your personal life. Earning extra money won’t bring you the same satisfaction as spending the evening with your friends.

Making your work an enjoyable activity is also important. You can always hire new workers, redecorate your office or hire a personal assistant. Do what you need to make your office and environment a pleasant one.


All entrepreneurs have bad days from time to time, but it is important to not let these bad days consume your life. In order to lead a happy life as an entrepreneur, it is important to let go of negativity and focus on the positive aspects of life. Spending time with your friends and family, and being well-rested and healthy, can help you have a more fulfilling life.

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